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A picture taken from a tall building captures low and high rise buildings in downtown Kuwait City
MP drafts bill on pool ‘nudity’ ... mixing Home country prison-serve proposed for certain cases

KUWAIT CITY, April 22: MP Mubarak Al-Khurainej has presented a proposal on the deportation of expatriate prisoners to continue serving time in their home countries; except those who committed murder, rape and financial crimes unless the aggrieved party waives his right.

The lawmaker also stressed the need to take the fingerprints and image scan for deported prisoners to ensure they don’t return to the country. He said his proposal is important due to the huge number of expatriate prisoners in the Central Prison. He argued this situation causes many problems, rebellion inside the prison and vices among the prisoners; not to mention the high cost of retaining these inmates until completion of their sentence to be followed by deportation.

In another development, MP Hamdan Al-Azmi submitted a draft bill to prohibit nudity in hotels and swimming pools in order to protect the society from this negative phenomenon. He underscored the need to lay down regulations to prevent mixing of males and females in swimming pools and other acts that contravene public morals, as well as impose harsh punishments on anyone who violates the law. He also recommended the establishment of a center to prevent the spread negative phenomena.

Meanwhile, MPs Ali Al- Rashid and Safa Al-Hashim presented a draft bill on the creation of a women’s housing fund, worth KD500 million, in Kuwait Credit Bank (KCB) to support the housing care rights of Kuwaiti women. According to the bill, it is possible to increase this amount through the issuance of a decree and the fund will be managed by Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA).

The bill also allows the KIA to authorize the Investment Unit at KCB to manage the fund in accordance with the rules. On the other hand, the Legal and Legislative Affairs Committee postponed finalizing its decision on the transfer of the Public Investigations Department to the Public Prosecution until it receives final response from the government.

Committee Rapporteur MP Dr Abdulkareem Al-Kandari said they also postponed finalization of draft bills on the autonomy of the judiciary; in addition to the Public Prosecution and Bureau of Investigation bills. Furthermore, MP Mohammed Tana said HH the Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al -Sabah and HH Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak have informed him that the previous location of the scrapyard in Amghara will be transformed into a model public park. He added State Minister for Municipality Affairs and Minister of Communications Issa Al-Kandari had promised to work on the blueprints of the coastline in Jahra.

The lawmaker made the statement in a ceremony organized recently by the residents of Saad Al-Abdullah to honor him for his role in the relocation of the scrapyard. He pointed out that since he entered the National Assembly, he has been keen on addressing the problems residents in Jahra and the Fourth Constituency, in general. He affirmed he has been closely following up the scrapyard file and he discovered the relocation decision was taken in 2002 but it was not implemented soon due to the “influential sheikhs and traders from the National Assembly.” He stressed that after God Almighty, credit goes to Sheikh Jaber as he visited the scrapyard and personally looked into the dismal condition of Saad Al-Abdullah residents who suffered a lot due to the scrapyard.

On the car auction area, Tana unveiled a plan to relocate it as soon as an alternative location is secured. He promised to intensify his efforts within the next two months to push for the relocation, in coordination with the concerned authorities.

By: Abubakar A. Ibrahim Arab Times Staff

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