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Change in Name

I am a practicing doctor and this is for the Legal Clinic for advice. My son was named Sameera Prasad Koppolu when he was born on July 6, 1997 and he continued have the same name until recently. While renewing his passport we changed his name to Sameer Prasad Koppolu.

When his Iqama (residence) was transferred to the new passport his name read as the old one – Sameera, and not Sameer. Please advice what has to be done and will there be any problems during travel? I have been a subscriber of the Arab Times for the last almost five years.

Dr Prasad

Answer: You could face problems if officials at the Immigration Dept notice the change. Not only in this case but in many other transactions you could face problems. You just can’t change the name of your son on the passport and leave the old name on the residence stamp also on the Civil ID card. Your embassy should take some of the blame for this because most of the embassies are either not aware or maybe don’t even care about the problems their countrymen could face.

There is a special procedure to be followed for name change in Kuwait and this should be follows very closely to ensure that you don’t face any problems. Sometimes you can take a shortcut and get the name changed … if you are lucky there will be no problems but sometimes the short cuts don’t work and things bounce back on you. So go to the Justice Palace, there is a special office for this purpose where you have to apply for the change in your son’s name.

This is the correct way.

The change will then be published in the Kuwait Gazette and then changes will be made to all the documents. After that you will not face any problems. Once the notification is published in the Kuwait Gazette, take this the Immigration Department in your area and they will make the changes on the residence stamp.

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