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Group of doctors to pay woman for medical errors

KUWAIT CITY, April 21: The Court of First Instance ordered some doctors to collectively pay KD 10,500 to a Kuwaiti woman as compensation for the psychological and financial losses she incurred due to medical errors committed by them.

According to the plaintiff counsel Attorney Mohammad Al-Jumaa, his client was suffering from acute pain in her left kidney area and she went to a public hospital for treatment. Medical examinations revealed that her kidney was swollen due to a ureter that was blocked by a stone. She was admitted in a private hospital for the removal of the stone through speculum method.

However, the surgeon was unable to carry out that surgery and ended up putting a catheter in the left ureter to expand it. Due to unavailability of the necessary equipment for breaking the stone inside the kidney, she returned to the public hospital where the doctor broke the stone inside the kidney but not the one in the ureter. She later went back to the doctor for the removal of the stone through the laser method. He put a catheter to expand the ureter and carried out the operation.

However, when the woman later complained about pain in her right kidney, the doctor explained that it was because of the speculum used on the left kidney. When complications were discovered in her right kidney, the doctors said the first doctor had committed the error and assured that they will correct it.

The same day, the doctors sedated her for another operation to remove the stone from the ureter of her left kidney. When she became conscious, she realized that the surgery was not carried out due to faulty equipment. She had developed difficulty in breathing and high blood pressure so they placed her under some machine because of which she spent 13 days in the hospital.

Because of the serious psychological and financial losses she endured during the entire process, she decided to press charges against all the doctors involved.

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