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Crown Prince receives newly-appointed governors
Arab, Indian, Philippine and Pak schools set to hike fees MoE changes names of many schools

KUWAIT CITY, April 21: The chairman of the Private Schools Federation Omar Al Ghurair was recently quoted as saying Arab schools starting from the next academic year will increase tuition fees by 10 percent, in addition to giving a nod to scores of requests for transfer to bilingual schools, reports Al-Rai daily.

He said the decision to increase the fees has been approved by the Ministry of Education after a thorough study. He went on to say the increase will be 10 percent for private Arabic schools and three percent for Indian, Philippine and Pakistani schools. Al Ghurair described profits made by the schools from the sale of textbooks is ‘little’ which does not exceed 250 fils.

However, some parents told the daily the new increase adopted by some schools will cost KD 325 for the three stages of education — KD 150 for the secondary level, KD 93 for the intermediate level and KD 82 for elementary.

The parents have appealed to the Minister of Education and Minister of Higher Education Ahmad Al- Mulaifi to waive this law to increase the tuition fees.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Education and Higher Education’s Undersecretary Mariam Al-Wateed recently issued a number of decisions on changing the names of some schools as part of preparations for academic year 2014/2015, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

The decisions include changing the name of Jleeb Al-Shouyoukh High School for Girls to Khadeeja Bint Al-Zubeir High School for Girls, Abu Ayoub Al-Ansari Intermediate School for Boys in Khalidiya to Salem Al-Hoseinan Intermediate School, Manqaf High School for Girls to Oumma Bint Khalid High School, Ahmadi High School for Boys to Mohammad Al- Nashmi High School and Qurein Intermediate School for boys to Suleiman Abdul Razaq Al-Mutawa Intermediate School, among others.

In another development, the inventiveness in collating the list of names of about 6,000 employees who deserve promotion in the Ministry of Education by selection, without painstaking review of the list, led to the inclusion of deceased and retired workers, reports Al- Seyassah daily.

Acting Minister of Education and Higher Education, the Minister of Health Ali Al-Obeidi approved the promotion since March 2013 but the Administrative Department has yet to prepare clean the list of names of deserving beneficiaries, which was supposed to be announced on April 1. The department had actually prepared the list in September 2013 but the inclusion of some names by mistake is making the elimination of undeserving names difficult.

The daily said lack of ability to draft an accurate and comprehensive list led to frustration and difficulty in finding the right solution out of the logjam. “The main problem is with budgets for the promoted employees in various levels, which has created a situation wherein 700 additional names have been included”.

It stressed the error made the concerned officials to contact and notify the Ministry of Finance about the additional names, and the ministry in return forwarded the list to Civil Service Commission under whose jurisdiction the promotion falls.

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