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KFH sustainable profitability fruit of teamwork, says CEO Bank proves capability in dealing with economic variables

 KUWAIT CITY, April 20: Mohammad Sulaiman Al-Omar, stated that KFH’s good performance and positive indicators, in addition to the sustainable growth are the result of human capital’s exerted efforts and synergy along with the prudent management and the capability to face economic challenges. Al-Omar added, in his speech during KFH’s staff annual gathering in presence of KFH officials and huge number of employees, that the bank is keen on holding events that ensure the communication between employees and their mangers in friendly and entertaining atmospheres. He went on to say that he was keen to be a part of this annual gathering and honoring the distinguished employees since he first joined KFH in 1992. He urged KFH employees to work tirelessly and exert efforts for the advancement of the bank that is an eminent edifice in the Islamic banking worldwide.


Al-Omar explained that the Transformation Program, taking into consideration increasing revenue and controlling expenses, has contributed in achieving a sustainable profitability for the bank. He added that KFH operates according to economic data and in-depth researches of the markets and the variable economic climates. He went on to say that before embarking on any project or business, KFH measures the risk and makes accurate and detailed researches to ensure the success of its operations. 
Moreover, he stated that despite the unfavorable economic environment, the financial crises, and the entry of competitive banks to operate in Kuwait, KFH achieves sustainable growth in all its indicators resulting from the intelligent decisions and the capability to deal with economic variables in light of the expansion of its network that has reached 370 branches around the world.
Following CEO’s speech, the event witnessed entertainment, competitions and distributing of prizes, not to mention watching short movie about KFH’s clients who expressed their pride and loyalty to the bank that is a leading Islamic financial institution. 
KFH manages its operations in the GCC, Asia, and Europe through over 310 branches, including KFH-Turkey, in order to offer services for the bank’s clients in Turkey, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Australia, Jordan, Dubai, and Manheim in Germany. 
KFH’s mission is to achieve highest levels of excellence and innovation in the field of client service, while developing common interest for all those concerned with the financial institution. KFH’s vision is to spearhead the global development in Islamic financial services, and to upgrade the bank into the level of becoming the most sustainable profitable Islamic bank in the world. 
KFH’s values include cementing leadership through all its businesses, including leadership in the Islamic banking services worldwide, through innovation and in client service and the development of its employees. In addition, KFH is committed to all its procedures, and to setting up long-life partnerships with the concerned authorities. 
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