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MP queries on surgery deaths Doubts raised on diagnoses made

KUWAIT CITY, April 20: MP Abdullah Al-Tamimi has forwarded queries to Minister of Health Dr Ali Al-Obeidi on surgeries that have led to death. Al-Tamimi said several citizens have reportedly died due to different surgeries, raising doubts on the diagnoses made by doctors while people have started losing trust in public and private medical institutions in Kuwait.

He asked for the number of surgeries which have led to death from 2000 until now, the kinds of surgeries, the number of deaths caused by medical errors, formation of an investigative panel, and measures taken against erring doctors. He also demanded information on the number of patients whose health condition got worse due to medical errors, cases filed by the relatives of the victims against the medical institutions, and number of cases filed against the ministry.

Meanwhile, MP Abdullah Al- Turaiji has reached an agreement with his colleague, MP Mubarak Al-Hurais, to grill Minister of Interior Sheikh Mohammed Al- Khalid Al-Sabah. He disclosed that they have forwarded many questions to the minister on a number of issues and they are now waiting for his response. He said they have yet to set a date for submission of the interpellation request. He added he asked the minister about the release of an Iranian diagnosed with HIV as he intends to include this issue in the grilling points.

The lawmaker pointed out the issue remains a hot topic in several social networking sites as it is considered a grave threat to the security, safety and health of the people. He requested for clarification if there is truth in what has been published in these sites that the Iranian has been released and the security restrictions imposed on him have been lifted. He wants to know the nature of work of the Iranian, identified as Daud Mohammed Abdullah Behzadi, and in which department of the Interior Ministry he was assigned. He inquired about the measures which should be taken if a person is found to be infected with HIV to guarantee public safety. He asked for copies of the decision on the appointment of the Iranian and all correspondences regarding him. On another issue, the parliamentary Legal and Legislative Committee referred draft bills, which were approved Sunday, to the concerned committees; while it rejected other bills due to alleged violations against the Constitution and some were found to be similar to existing laws.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Committee Rapporteur MP Abdul- Kareem Al-Kandari confirmed approval of the proposed establishment of National Human Rights Commission, amendments to law number 8/2010 on rights of the handicapped and recommendation to regulate personal interviews as part of the recruitment process; as well as the proposal to insure the salaries, pensions and indemnities of citizens who took loans to prevent the deduction of more than half these privileges as loan payment. He said the committee also approved a bill on the establishment and management of Sabah Al-Ahmed Sports City, amendments to decree No. 32/1978 on the establishment of sports authorities and investment in the sports sector. According to the lawmaker, the panel rejected the proposed establishment of a financial portfolio in the Zakat House due to constitutional issues and establishment of Kuwait Anti-Dope Commission for the same reason, in addition to the fact that there are existing laws for this purpose. He added the committee rejected the Public Prosecution’s request to lift the immunity of MP Faisal Al-Duwaisan in press misdemeanor (audio-visual) case number 21/2013.

Furthermore, the Women and Family Committee postponed taking a decision on four bills concerning Kuwaiti women married non-Kuwaitis until May 27. This is in response to the request of the government for one month grace period to present its opinion on these proposals. Committee Chairman Saleh Ashour explained they have agreed with Director General of the Public Authority for Housing Welfare (PAHW) Abdullah Al- Naums and Director General of Kuwait Credit Bank Salah Al-Mudaf to discuss the possibility of once again allowing Kuwaiti women married to non-Kuwaitis to apply for housing grants like their male counterparts, as it was done before 1990. He confirmed discussion with the government representatives on making Kuwaiti women married to non-Kuwaitis equal with their male counterparts in obtaining KD70,000 housing loan. He said the government representatives informed the committee that amendment to the provision of this law is underway. He revealed the committee also tackled the proposal to allocate low-cost housing to unmarried Kuwaiti women and divorcees with non-Kuwaiti children. He said the committee looked into the possibility of issuing housing document in the name of the husband and wife who submitted the housing grant application five years after the allocation to protect the rights of women who presented the application in case they have problems with their husbands. He concluded the government representatives promised to provide the committee with their opinions on these bills in writing as they affirmed full support for efforts to treat women and men as equals.

By: Abubakar A. Ibrahim Arab Times Staff

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