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Maturity delay, chronic disease tied to ‘shortness’ in children

KUWAIT CITY, April 18: Recent study revealed that almost 50 percent of new parents complain about the small size of their children. Some new parents attribute the small size of their children to hereditary factors and others medical factors.

Such cases usually receive treatment and the child continues to develop to his normal height and size. In this context, the Chairperson of Endocrine Gland Union and head of the endocrine gland unit in Sabah General Hospital Dr Zeydan Al-Mazidi said half of the 350 patients visiting the endocrine gland unit in the hospital monthly complain about their children being short, and statistics of the tests conducted in this regard show that 45 percent of the children are short due to hereditary factors and 10 percent are caused by genetic and endocrine gland hormone defects. In a press statement, Dr Al-Mazidi indicated unusual shortness in children is attributed to various factors such as maturity delay, chronic disease — kidney, heart, digestive system problems or even bone problems and indigestion.

He affirmed that most of the problems are treated by medication and treatment. Dr Al-Mazidi pointed to the importance of conducting vitamin D tests in children and taking the necessary dosage of vitamin D daily to protect children against medical conditions.

By: Marwa Al-Bahrawi Al-Seyassah Staff

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