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‘Open mind towards change important for nation building’ ‘Govt policies, human resources key’

 In this week’s online poll, the Arab Times asked voters their views on nation building and what factors are crucial for it. The majority of voters, 40%, said that having an open mind towards change is the first big step towards nation building.

Talking to the Arab Times, respondents said that development comes from big ideas, and shutting out our minds to others’ views and ideas will curtail development. Respondents cited the examples of all the developed countries in the world such as USA and other western countries that have had an open policy towards accepting others, “most prominently reflected in their population policies to assimilate immigrants into their society.” “When there is diversity in ideas and thoughts, man is able to find better solutions to his problems.” Some respondents added that Kuwait is basically a very open country and has been open to alien cultures and civilizations. “As seafarers, Kuwait’s forefathers had worldly wisdom and had opportunities to mingle with people of other cultures and regions.

This experience made the country a free and open country, in which there was no place for parochialism.” About 20% of the people said the most important aspect of development was the country’s policies to make effective use of its human resource. “Kuwait is rich in terms of human resource, both citizens and expatriates.

There’s a huge potential which if tapped in the right way, the country can benefit greatly from.” “The country must value talent and potential above all other considerations and put the right people in the right job. This will open the way to development.” The internal and external foreign policies of the country are also crucial for development, said about 12% of the voters.

Respondents sharing this view quoted the example of China, which has made rapid strides in development in the last few decades. “This was essentially because of effective economic policies. “Foreign policies are also important, because states have to be able to live in peace with each other, which is very important for development. This region’s development has been seriously marred because of conflicts.”

For 10 % of the voters, expatriate workers are crucial to the development of a country, from Kuwait’s perspective. “This country has more expatriates than locals. This is a lot of manpower and if channeled in the right direction, this energy can be used for tremendous development.” About 8% of the voters gave their votes to natural resource. “Every country has its own resources, which must be optimally exploited. Kuwait is blessed with oil, and the country is using this resource well and has made a lot of progress.” Wise population policies and government’s spending power were some of the other points that won a few votes.

By: Valiya S. Sajjad Arab Times Staff

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