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Interior clips ‘search’ street

 KUWAIT CITY, April 16: The Ministry of Interior has affirmed that searching individuals and vehicles by security operatives without obtaining permission from the Public Prosecution is a violation of the Constitution and the law.

Director General for Monitoring and Inspection at the ministry Major General Hamad Al-Shehab made the clarification in reaction to high rate of petitions submitted by citizens and expatriates whose vehicles have been searched at checkpoints.

He urged the operatives from various sectors to abide by the law without committing any act of overzealousness. He reiterated that police or military officers should not search any vehicle without permission from the Public Prosecution, General Investigations Department or other concerned authorities.

He indicated the public is aware that many people have been impersonating security operatives to perpetrate heinous acts by demanding for civil ID cards from people. He asserted it is unethical for the operatives to establish checkpoints without the knowledge of the Operations Room.

He added the complaints submitted by citizens and expatriates against police or military officers will go through investigations for at least one week before implementing the right punishment according to the crime.

He stressed his sector normally inspects all departments in the ministry, except the Investigations Department; while forwarding detailed reports concerning violations to the ministry. He explained the ministry received 200 complaints against civilian employees and military personnel within the first quarter of the year, which amounts to an average of four to five complaints per day. He said assistant undersecretaries are requested to clarify certain issues in some instances, and the statements are dealt with on merit and the officers are queried if found they failed in their duties

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