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‘Silence’ nearly set State ablaze

IS THE government waiting for destroyers to achieve their goals by spreading rumors to escalate disputes and misunderstandings before saying the truth to stop the argument that nearly consumed the country? Do the officials look at issues to actualize objectives as if the fate of the country is a football or wrestling match? How long will our government play with issues which threaten national security and political stability? Is it not time to change this concept that caused a lot of problems? The incident yesterday recorded a point for the National Assembly as an institution, which fulfilled its national obligation by bringing the government into the hallowed chamber to settle arguments over the ‘fabrication’ that ignited the fire of suspicion in the minds of Kuwaitis.

Citizens are concerned about the future of their country, especially since the government has remained silent as if the incident took place on another planet, not in Kuwait. When will the government stop folding its arms amidst the spread of rumors, up to the extent of tarnishing the image of many people and even threatening national security? We all understand that a certain political segment has become irrelevant to Kuwaitis by losing ministerial portfolios and parliamentary seats. This situation is the basis for the war they declared on the entire country, while they are struggling hard day and night to regain prominence. They have been spreading various lies like the multibillion theft scandal and purported conspiracy which only exists in the imagination of those with sick minds.

For the past two years, Kuwait has been suffering due to these two issues and the government has adopted the ‘negligence policy’, which almost made the people believe the lies. Didn’t the executive authority realize that remaining silent is not the appropriate medicine to treat such cases, and whoever keeps silent over rights has given the devil a chance to operate?  Why was the government, which is extremely passionate about Kuwaiti interests, provoked by the statement of the Israeli Foreign Affairs Minister claiming interaction between Tel Aviv and some Arabian Gulf states, including Kuwait? The Foreign Affairs Ministry immediately rebuffed the declaration and issued an official statement in this regard. At the same time, it left the dangerous fire of rumors inside the country unattended for several months.

Why did the government fail to break the silence as rumors spread among the people, the same way it reacted to fabrications and gossip about Avigdor Lieberman? Does it mean the image of Kuwait within the Arab World is more important than internal security and unity of the society?
In the past few months, rumors reached the maximum level as manifested in a series of scenarios and claims of conspiracy attributed to some notable citizens. The government was silent throughout those months when it should have nipped the issue in the bud rather than allowing it to snowball.
Those who believe the government could benefit from the repulsive incidents should learn the lesson and understand the extent of the damage caused by continuous silence over issues and rumors related to the country and its citizens. They should not have allowed the issues to reach this level of explosion, unless they intend to offer commodities for sale to destroyers.


By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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