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Thugs, shut up!

PARIAHS recruit spokespersons for themselves in the name of the nation, outlaws demand for reforms and troublemakers talk about unity. This is the reality for the group, ‘But for the Seat’. One of its members issued a statement yesterday, imagining that his loud voice is a weapon of mass destruction which will terrify the country and its people. Yes, what we read was a notification of coup announced by a minority whose dictatorship we have been witnessing throughout the years in the National Assembly. It was a notification to ‘uproot’ the country. The statement was aimed at causing destruction and chaos, not the implementation of reforms. It was aimed at ‘recruiting’ a dictatorship which Kuwait has not known in its 500-year lifespan as a country.

Pariahs have taken the step of writing a new constitution according to their whims. They claimed it is a reformative document but it is actually an attempt to convert Kuwait into a ‘manor’ for them; that is, if they find someone who supports their new coup project. However, this will never happen because the Kuwaiti nation is not a herd led by a group whose only wish is to have power. The Kuwaiti nation recognized democracy even before many countries knew about it; therefore, it will not give up for the sake of some thieves and outlaws. The Kuwaiti nation has witnessed the activities of this group, which has been talking about protecting public funds in Abdullah Al-Salem Hall; yet, they used these funds to blackmail ministers behind closed doors. Talking about reforms made our heads ache; but these reforms were being ‘murdered’ behind closed doors through the biased recruitment of relatives and supporters in ministries and institutions. This is in addition to pushing for illegal promotions for certain beneficiaries and turning the overseas treatment program into a tourism package just to serve electoral interests.

What we heard and read yesterday was not the agenda of the current opposition; it was that of a thug who linked the alleged reform with reactivation of the failed voting system whose output was chaotic and encouraged discrimination among the sons of one society. He cannot take genuine reformative steps in case he rejoins the power clique. He will come back to practice dictatorship which history, whether old or recent, has never known. Anyway, Kuwaitis will not be fooled twice. The previous experience is enough for us, since we continue to suffer from its ‘poisons’ today.

The outlaw, who challenged an authentic branch of the judiciary represented by the Public Prosecution, has unveiled his plan to keep circulating information on a case which the prosecution has banned from being discussed on all social communication platforms. He is attacking the judiciary despite the fact that he claimed to have demanded for its autonomy. What a joke! Whoever asked for the formation of a government from the party which won the highest number of parliamentary seats should, first and foremost, accept the other party. He should know the real political life. He should not practice corruption and discrimination nor violate the law. Are they interested only in deceiving people? Nevertheless, we want to tell them that they have not fooled anybody, because they were pulled out of the political game. Does it not mean that their demand to remove the Al-Sabah family from the premiership is the beginning of a move to change the ruling regime completely if they can, God forbid, return to the seat of power? In addition, they may impose on us a destructive ruler from their group.

They are merely ‘friends in the diwaniya’. They do not have any ‘popular balance’ because they purchased loyalties through services and ‘wasta’ (influence). They did not present a draft law to achieve the development goals of the country. They were busy accusing people of corruption, theft and misappropriating public funds. Yet, none of them filed, even once, a report to the Public Prosecution against anyone engaged in corruption or stole public funds; because they realized that such a step necessitates the presentation of evidence. They have no evidence because they know they are corrupt and they misappropriated not only the public funds, but also the freedom and dignity of those who stood against them. We will not tell those people the adage, “If God is angry at an ant, He provides it with wings”; because they are not smart like the ant. They are weaker than it. The saying, “If a cat stands in front of an unpolished mirror, it sees itself as a lion and it imagines its meow as a roar’, is more applicable to them.

It is mockery that those who know nothing about constitutional science have declared themselves as experts in this domain. Moreover, they are preparing a draft constitution which, when reviewed by a junior in the Faculty of Law, will realize that the one who wrote this draft does not even know the meaning of ‘constitution’, neither the meaning of ‘president’ of a country and his role. After hearing all this, we cannot help but tell those people, “Thugs, shut up!” We will also implore Allah, the Almighty, not to punish us because of the deeds of foolish people.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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