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HH the Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah received outgoing South Korea Ambassador Kim Kyung-Sik
Chest Hospital power-out queried MP CONCERN ON RISE IN DIALYSIS PATIENTS

 KUWAIT CITY, April 11: MP Riyadh Al- Adsani forwarded questions to the Minister of Health Ali-Al-Obeidi on the recent power cut in the Chest Diseases Hospital. He said the hospital experienced power outage on 10/04/2014 through which the surgical procedures of some patients were postponed. Al-Adsani wants to know if the patients in question were undergoing surgery at the time of the power interruption. He asked about the number of operations that were postponed as a result, and the condition of backup power generators for emergencies at the hospital and why they were not used immediately after the power outage.

He inquired on the precautionary measures in place to deal with power failure in all hospitals across the country to prevent repetition of the recent incident at the Chest Diseases Hospital, given that patients are totally dependent on medical equipment that operates by electricity.

Meanwhile, MP Humoud Al- Hamdan has submitted questions to the Minister of Health as to the high rate of patients on dialysis after the minister expressed concern over the rising number of dialysis patients. He said the number had risen to 1,750 as of 2013 compared to 1,350 in 2012. MP Al-Hamdan is concerned with the alarming rate of patients on dialysis and wants to know the cause if the recent news item published in the local dailies is accurate.

He inquired about steps the ministry is taking to prevent and treat kidney diseases and its plans for the future, as regards collaborating with the civil society institutions or individual effort to fight the disease.

In another development, MP Abdullah Al-Turaiji asked the Interior Minister Sheikh Mohamed Al-Khalid about the crimes committed in the country within the past five years and demanded figures, with the list of names of suspects sentenced to prison as the final judgment for misdemeanor or felony cases, stating the nationalities of all convicts. He wants to know the number of cases registered against unknown person (s) in the past five years on misdemeanors or felony-related crimes, in addition to statistics of all misdemeanor and felony crimes, and explaining the level of criminal acts perpetrated.

Also, he required the list of names of expatriates convicted to serve prison terms or pay fines. He wants to know why these convicts have been able to leave the country without fulfilling their obligations and what measures the concerned authority has taken to arrest such individuals in order to apply court verdicts issued against them. He asked for the list of drug-related cases registered in the past five years with details on the mode of trafficking, import, possession, consumption etc.

In yet another development, MP Askar Al-Enezi has presented a proposal to the government on using the global tenders system to sign contracts with medical, educational and therapeutic crews from the renowned international hospitals to manage Kuwait’s public hospitals. He noted that citizens and expatriates have endured sub-standard health services for so long and below what they have been anticipating, despite the State’s financial wealth. He stressed the proposal is relevant based on the fact that the State represented by its Health Ministry spends huge sums of money to send patients abroad for medical treatment. He indicated the proposal, if approved, will help develop the health service and raise its standard. It is time the country enjoyed high quality services in the government hospitals by availing of foreign expertise in diagnosis, treatment, education and management to improve the quality of health care, Al-Enezi indicated.

By: Abubakar A. Ibrahim Arab Times Staff

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