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participants during a ceremony honoring volunteers of the ‘Kuwaiti and Proud’ project
Steps taken to shut down almost 300 immoral sites Online prostitution by Arab, Asian women widespread

KUWAIT CITY, April 10: The Anti-Cyber Crime Unit at the General Department for Criminal Investigations has announced the closure of about 300 immoral websites, affirming the department will take the necessary legal action against the owners or administrators of these sites.

Sources revealed some people have created websites for online prostitution, indecent activities and night parties. Sources said the websites were shut down after discovery that they promote or encourage indecent practices and sale of illegal or sexual material.

Sources also warned the social media users against wasting time and jeopardizing their future and social life by engaging in unlawful and indecent activities. Meanwhile, the daily carried out an extensive investigation on online prostitution websites and smart phone applications, which revealed that this type of prostitution is widespread.

Arab women involved in the act invite interested clients to apartments for KD100 cash or by K-Net. Asian women give their clients the option to purchase KD3 phone card credit, which they will use to interact with their clients to arrange for appointments and payment that ranges from KD20-KD40.

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