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Open seseme for our guided government

I WROTE in the past about the intention of the founder of Chinese ‘Alibaba’ e-business marketing company, which is worth about US$ 150 billion, to list the company on the international stock market to compete with other e-business giants, such as eBay and Amazon that spend billions in e-business operations daily. Majority of these e-business websites don’t store the products they are selling, because they act as a ‘broker’ between the seller and the buyer in exchange for a small commission.  On the other hand, the world spends billions on these websites from one end of the globe to the other; let alone the companies which benefit from e-business websites, such as wholesale companies, telecommunications, advertising firms, credit cards, banks, cargo and delivery companies.

Our dear friend, Abdulhameed Al-Mazeedi - who is a veteran businessman - expressed deep sorrow due to my article about the e-business websites.  This came after the discovery that this man was ahead of his time as he exerted tremendous efforts and spent enormous cash on the same idea several years back; but unfortunately, his idea has not seen any light as he was busy with a number of engagements and such ideas need intense efforts to succeed.

Mr Abdulhameed Al-Mazeedi conducted a detailed feasibility study in 2006 for a company known as E-market Company, headquartered in Dubai and had a familiar name like the Chinese ‘Alibaba’ website.  Those who supervised the feasibility study were famous economic and scientific personalities like Dr Dawud Musaaed Al-Saleh, Fuad Al-Bahrani, Amer Al-Tamimi, Dr Musa Al-Mazidi and Dr Ahmad Boshari, among others.

The name of the website is ‘’, which has a lot of fascinating and enticing slogans such as, “Bye bye to parking areas from today”, “Shop with your mobile from your car or plane or wherever you are”, and “Save your trips from one complex to another looking for a product which you could not find”...  However, the best phrase on the current world of business I read in the feasibility studies was from former US Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Alan Greenspan: “Ideas and creativity have become the most important resources, which have taken the place of land and raw material energy”.

I call upon the promising young businesspersons - male and female - who have tested the e-business field, to adopt these ideas and execute them through the ‘moderate projects’, which has become the song always repeated by the government and other financial establishments affiliated to it. Nevertheless, the government is seen as a nightmare due to the long queues of unemployed youths coming to the labor market. The intention of our well-guided government is good, but its implementation is bad; hence, O ‘seseme’, open your doors for some of our government’s mentalities, so it can see some of the creative ideas succeeding.


By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli
Former Minister of Oil

By: Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

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