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How long will intrigue last?

HOW long will the blogs, threats, provocative statements, slanders and attacks on social media last? How long will those greedy for power and positions continue to create the impression that national figures are conspiring against the country? Is it possible to attain a position by instigating crisis? In all countries of the world, lawmakers change every election, while ministers are being replaced without any immoral act against foes or struggle to topple the government; except in Kuwait. These incidents happen here because some lawmakers succeed by demeaning others. They usually ‘purchase’ membership to the Parliament through blackmail rather than presenting a development program.

Most of them are oblivious to manifestoes and real legislation, so they only act based on personal interests embedded in drafting bills. This is the reason why we have seen approval of several bills without consulting the experts, so they all went into the column of national bankruptcy; thereby, depriving the next generation of their right to a dignified life. The unusual parliamentary situation brought about by the old method of voting must be fixed — a step taken by the highest authority when it approved the one-man-one-vote system to prevent poverty. People in many African countries and other places live in abject poverty, because the political mafias there have been using political parties as cover to perpetrate heinous acts.

Have they not learned the lessons? Don’t those who perpetrate these acts see the condition of the country? Did people vote for lawmakers to enmesh the country into grilling and fishing in murky waters to serve personal interests? Does it mean a minister should destroy the country after being out of the Cabinet and spread rumors about the bleak future or hot seasons as if all our seasons are not hot? Actually, some seasons are hot with additional political heat that has been kept perpetually hot since the exit of the political troublemakers from the scene which made them lose their minds.

Kuwait has been living in this manner for the past 30 years, such that some discordant voices chanted, ‘Except the Constitution’, even during the Iraqi occupation. They were not convinced that the priority was to liberate the country from the aggressors, so they resumed the same outcry later. Today, we want to ask them questions. Who tampered with the Constitution? Who breached and violated it? Who irritated the executive and legislative authorities? Weren’t those who raised the slogan, ‘Except the Constitution’, the same ones who crept onto the government, flipped over the country and invented parliamentary dictatorship which does not exist anywhere in the world? They have paralyzed the country and consider whoever is striving to work or oppose them a bribe-taker or traitor. With all these actions, they have made Kuwaitis into divided citizens and tribes.

When are we going to stop the clique of selfish people from using the fate of Kuwait to feed fat on slogans like ‘Enough of Frivolities’, ‘We Will Not Agree with You’, ‘Go Away’ and ‘National Dignity’? These people are supposed to be part of the legislative authority which is saddled with responsibilities to implement the Constitution, enact the law and develop the society. Did they perform expected duties or transform their parliamentary membership into a self-serving and destructive institution that is open for looting of public funds, dividing citizens and spreading crises?

It is now time for the concerned authorities to stop all these acts. They should take a decisive step to discourage unrest which makes Kuwaitis live in perpetual worry about rumors, hearsays and misconceptions. If the political leadership has taken the right step by getting rid of troublemakers from the government through the voting pattern, other authorities should follow suit. The action must start in the Cabinet. It should act fast rather than standing aloof while blaming the legislative authority, which will not change its ways since the lawmakers have a short-cut to achieve their objectives. They toe the path laid down by their predecessors in terms of grilling and threats.

Yes, the government should act according to a popular adage, “An ear of mud, another of dough”. It must ignore all excuses whenever it feels pressure from anyone. Considering experiences in the last three years, it is glaring that the government must bear responsibility for the situation of the country; simply because it did not resolve national issues. Until when will this intrigue last? When will the government stop obstructing itself due to its indecision? Does it intend to give the destroyers an excuse to disintegrate the country? If this is the case, what will the government gain other than contributing to the ‘killing’ of the country?

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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