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Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad at the Palace of Justice, Monday
‘No tie to Twitterer, no subversion tape’ SHEIKH AHMAD IN MARATHON TESTIMONY TO PROSECUTION

KUWAIT CITY, April 7: Former Minister Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad has denied being in possession of a tape recording of conversations between former National Assembly Speaker Jassem Al-Kharafi and Sheikh Nasser Mohammad with other personalities on an alleged plot to topple the government.

This came after the Public Prosecution listened to the testimony of Sheikh Ahmad for five-and-a-half hours on Monday regarding a petition that Al-Kharafi filed against those who spread rumors on the contents of the tape.

In his petition, the complainant asked the prosecutor general to investigate the tweets of some bloggers who claimed that Sheikh Ahmad possesses a tape recording of a discussion between Al-Kharafi, Sheikh Nasser Mohammad and some other people planning to ouster the government. During interrogation at the Capital Public Prosecution Office inside the Justice Palace chaired by Director of Prosecution Abdullah Al- Ossaimi, Sheikh Ahmad denied existence of a tape recording of the alleged conspiracy.

In his testimony, Sheikh Ahmad affirmed there is no tape recording concerning the case. He said, “Even though I have received several video clips related to local, parliamentary, financial, family and regional issues; which I handled according to my national responsibility and duty, the alleged tape is not among them.” He then refused to explain further. Meanwhile, counsel to Sheikh Ahmad - Attorney Falah Al-Hajraf, in his bid to make further clarifications, corroborated the testimony of his client; saying, “the documents in Sheikh Ahmad’s possession are not recorded tapes but video clips.” However, he did not specify the contents of these clips.

On the other hand, a source privy to the investigation confirmed that Sheikh Ahmad denied any connection or relationship with the owner of ‘Except the Constitution’ Twitter account, asserting he does not know who posted the statement on Twitter. The source added the Public Prosecution detained the Twitter account owner, identified only as A. F., for almost two weeks based on allegation of spreading rumors that the tape is in Sheikh Ahmad’s possession and then he was released on bail.

Commenting on Sheikh Ahmad’s testimony, Attorney Emad Al-Seif stressed, “Any right-thinking person, who really wants to know whether Sheikh Ahmad need any reference to the conspiracy without presenting the clip to prove his claim, should have treated him like an accused person and released on bail while banning him from traveling, just like the other accused. He added, “Whenever I read the blogs of those who spread rumors on the statement of Sheikh Ahmad, I laugh and feel pity for them. Let’s put Sheikh Ahmad’s testimony aside.

Since he has claimed that he received some video clips, why didn’t he specify sources of those clips and present them to support his claim in front of the prosecutors? In this manner, the people would have had a clearer picture of the issue. Did he claim knowledge of conspiracy or coup attempt without presenting evidence to the Public Prosecution?” Al-Seif went on to say, “Whoever is moved by the so-called national responsibility and is in possession of evidence concerning conspiracy against the government with the interest of protecting his country, will not expose the information for public opinion; especially in an institutional State guided by the Constitution. He should have presented it to the concerned authority to carry out investigations, because it is related to a serious crime.”

Furthermore, MP Ali Al-Rashed pointed out, “The country today is at a crossroads concerning the alleged conspiracy against the nation. We don’t want to support one side against another, so we are determined to stand by the truth and we want the truth to be unveiled. It is either the issue is a mere rumor, in which case, the government should deny it, once and for all; otherwise, it means there is no smoke without fire; hence, the government should bear the responsibility of implementing the Constitution without protecting anybody in this delicate issue.

We are all in a single boat, so we cannot stand aloof. We have to use the constitutional tools, if necessary, to question whoever fails to perform his duties. The issue we are discussing now is about the possible collapse of the political system, as well as destruction of the Kuwaiti economy and all its three authorities in a manner that the country may not be able to recover forever, if the situation continues this way.”

By: Jaber Al-Humoud Al-Seyassah Staff

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