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‘No insect-borne diseases’ Kuwait marks World Health Day

KUWAIT CITY, April 7, (KUNA): Kuwait is free of insect-borne diseases and recently-recorded cases involving a handful of expatriates, said a Health Ministry official on Monday. The ministry is promoting awareness of hazards posed by such diseases, said Dr. Abeer Al-Baho, the head of the ministry health-boosting department, speaking at a news conference, marking the World Health Day that fell today, affirming Kuwait is free of these communicable diseases.

The World Health Organization is marking the WHD with the logo, “Simple sting equals great danger.” Kuwait will hold a ceremony to mark the universal occasion, on Wednesday, Dr. Al-Boha said. A WHO envoy will address the activity, shedding light on the bugs’ borne diseases. These diseases are widely spread in equatorial and semi-equatorial regions, where clean drinking water is hard to reach, with lack of proper sanitation and safe sewers.

They also constitute 17 percent of all epidemics. Dr. Al-Baho said the deadliest of these diseases is malaria, causing death of 627,000 people in 2012.

Dengue fever comes first among the fast spreading diseases. Each minute, a child dies somewhere in the world from malaria. Each year, up to 200,000 yellow fever cases are recorded across the globe, causing 30,000 deaths

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