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Two men shoot at police to release detained friend

KUWAIT CITY, April 5: Two gun-trotting men were arrested by security operatives of Farwaniya Directorate for shooting indiscriminately at the police in front of Ferdous police station in an effort to secure release of their friend in detention.

A security source said a Kuwaiti youth filed a report with the police and said two youths had stormed his residence, so security operatives moved down to the place right away. They realized that the suspects were wanted by law for previous offenses and they were also drunk.

Meanwhile, the officers saw two youths at the premises when they reached the station — one of them held a gold gun and the other one kept threatening the officers. As they tried to arrest the youths, the one holding the gun started firing warning shots and fled the scene in a car, alongside his friend. The police pursued and arrested them. They discovered the youths were drunk and were acting to secure their friend’s release. A case was registered. Deputy Director of the Farwaniya Security Command Brigadier Mohammad Al-Enezi and other senior officials were at the scene to follow-up procedures

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