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Queries raised on ‘Interior’ tenders Autism upgrade urged

KUWAIT CITY, April 4: MP Faisal Al-Duwaisan has submitted queries to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khalid about certain tenders of Mainistry of Interior. Regarding tender 61/2012-2013 related to maintenance of ‘Live Scan Equipment’ used by the General Department for Criminal Evidences of Ministry of Interior, MP Al- Duwaisan said Al-Dana International Company for General Trading and Contracting won the tender even though it presented only a single bid. He asked if the ministry requested the Central Tenders Committee (CTC) to refloat the tender as per Article 48 of Public Tenders Law 37/1964. “If yes, please provide me with a copy of the request”, demanded MP Duwaisan. He stressed that Article 48 stipulates the need for a state of urgency for accepting a sole bid, provided the approval of two-thirds of CTC members is obtained. He asked if the Director General of General Department for Criminal Evidences or any higher relevant administrative body issued the decision after confirming the existence of a state of urgency. He demanded, “If yes, then provide me with an explanation of this decision. Give me the reasons and justifications for the urgency”. MP Duwaisan also asked Minister of Interior about the financial benefits and indemnities awarded to high-ranking police officers for encouraging them to retire early.

He demanded to know the reasons behind not granting the same benefits to prosecuting attorneys like their military counterparts. Meanwhile, MP Riyadh Al-Adsani submitted queries to Deputy Premier and Minister of Commerce and Industry Abdulmohsen Al-Mudej regarding the distribution of plots in Al-Shuaiba Industrial Area. He asked whether new industrial lands in Al-Shuaiba area were distributed in year 2012-2013. “Provide me with the names of the companies that obtained preliminary approval for establishing new factories in this area in 2012- 2013. Specify the kind of activities in those factories and the dates when the companies presented applications to the Public Authority for Industry for establishing the factories”, MP Al-Adsani demanded. He asked for the list of all companies that obtained administrative licenses to establish factories in 2012-2013. He also asked for the approval of Environment Public Authority (EPA) for allocating the new industrial plots in Shuaiba area in year 2012-2013, as well as the approval of the Cabinet for establishing new factories in Al-Shuaiba Industrial Area.

MP Al-Adsani said, “I want to know when the Competition Protection Agency will officially start functioning especially since its executive bylaw has been prepared as per Law 10/2007. Is it true that a board member of the agency Nawaf Al- Enezi submitted his resignation? If so, provide with the reason and a copy of his resignation letter”. He also requested for a copy of the resignation letter of the Executive Chairman of the agency Dr Suad Al-Tarawa. Furthermore, MP Askar Al-Enezi presented a proposal for the establishment of branches of Kuwait Autism Center in all governorates of the country. He stressed that the center must be upgraded and provided with all necessary human and financial resources, and modern equipments for achieving their humanitarian goals. MPAl-Enezi also submitted a proposal for awarding rewards and prizes annually on the International Day for the Disabled to people with special needs who display excellence and creativity in all academic fields of religion, arts, science and sports. He said such an awarding must take place with the cooperation of Ministry of Education, the Supreme Council for the Disabled, Kuwait Science Club and Public Authority for Youth and Sports. In addition, MP Hamad Al-Harshani indicated his surprise over some lawmakers’ decision to reject the Gulf Security Pact even though it is intended for the security and stability of the Arabian Gulf countries. In a press statement, MP Al-Harshani said people have nothing to fear about the pact, except those with evil intentions against the Gulf States and the citizens, because “the governments will never exploit the pact to attack any citizen if he or she has no connection to terrorism”. He explained that the people of this country live in a region that is prone to crises, and such security agreements among the countries of the region will serve as a deterrent to those who intend to cause harm to the security of these countries.

By: Abubakar A. Ibrahim Arab Times Staff

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