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Poor services of MoH nurses slammed

KUWAIT CITY, April 2: Many patients at various hospitals have been complaining about the poor services rendered by nurses in Kuwait, and sources attribute the problem to Ministry of Health’s choice of signing contracts with non-specialized companies to recruit nurses, reports Al-Shahed daily.

The daughter of one patient on admission at a public hospital said the situation is very risky to the lives of patients. She complained that her mother has been critically ill and she required a nurse to monitor her condition all the times. She said the family was able to secure the needed service in return for money, but she was surprised to see that the nurse did not know how to take care of the patient. She alleged that the nurse committed grave mistakes, and in certain instances, they were able to detect the error because the woman had been sick for a long time and they were used to the mode of treatment. She said it became clear that the nurse was inexperienced and lacked nursing skills. She prodded to discover the fact, but the nurse claimed the incident was just a mistake. She lamented that her mother was subjected to such trauma, even though she was in the Intensive Care Unit.

Meanwhile, the lady confirmed her suspicion when one of her friends visited the hospital and saw a nurse who used to work as a housemaid in her house. She said the nurse had absconded from her friend’s house years ago, so she suspected the company may have employed many other untrained nurses like the one in question. She urged the ministry officials to intervene in time to stop the messy situation. She called for the officials to mount pressure on the recruitment agencies to sign up real nurses, because their action affects human life.

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