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Dependent visas for son and daughter

I would like to have some information regarding the procedures for obtaining the dependent visas for my son and daughter. My son is 14 years old while my daughter is 9 years of age. Now my question is: 1. What will be the documents required for me to obtain the dependent visas for them and how to go about in obtaining visas for them? My wife is also in Kuwait and she is on Visa No 18. 2. What do I have to do after obtaining the visas for them? Do we have to do the medical for them in India and get the visas stamped from the Kuwait Consulate in Bombay? 3. When they arrive in Kuwait, will they have to do the medical and finger printing in Kuwait? Both of them were born in Kuwait. Please advise me on the above points and how to go about.

Name withheld
Well, the procedure is simple and you should not have any problems getting the dependent visas for your children as long as you are earning over KD 250 per month.

All you need is the passport copies of your children. Attach these to two separate applications, along with a copy of your work permit (which mentions your salary as over KD 250), copies of your and your wife’s IDs, copy of your rental contract and an affidavit - attested by your embassy and the Kuwait Foreign Ministry in Shuwaikh, opposite Kuwait Sports Club — showing your relations with the person you wish to call.

Deposit these applications at the Immigration Department in your area and you should not have any problems getting your dependent visas. Your children will have to undergo one medical examination( after your children receive the visas) in your country at a medical clinic or center designated by the Kuwait Embassy in your country.

Then the children will have to get these results and the visas endorsed by the Kuwait Embassy before they can fly to Kuwait. When the children arrive in Kuwait, they will have to report to the medical center in their area where their medical records will be checked and if they require any vaccination or any tests to be done, these will be performed.

Then you will have to get the medical insurance for them and after you receive the medical certificates from the medical center will you be able to get their residence stamped. When you go to get their residence stamps, you will have to take the original copies of the receipts of the health insurance plus the original of the medical results besides all the documents mentioned above.

You can get the residence for a maximum of five years — that is if you have also got them health insurance for five years because the residence is linked to the number of years of the health insurance — and you will have to pay KD 100 each for the first year of residence and KD 10 for each year after the first year.

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