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Qatar, learn before it becomes too late

THE Qatari policy-makers thought, in a moment of elation, that they can make the wind blow according to the whim of their ships; disregarding the facts which had prompted the people of some Arab countries to take to the streets and squares to demand for the ouster of their leaders. Arrogance made them think they can impose their vision on the Arab world when they listened to former President Hosni Mubarak’s announcement on his retirement. They thought they can use money to buy the destinies of countries and their people.
These people have not read history well. They have not read the histories of countries, which found the way was blocked as happened to Kuwait in the beginning of the 1970s; but it willingly returned to its natural role. They have not read the history of political powers they have allied with. These powers consider Doha merely a bridge to ascend to power in GCC countries. Here, we mean the Brotherhood Movement and those who moved around it. Their arrogance intensified when Mohammed Morsi, a Brotherhood Movement member, became President of Egypt. Before that, the fake rapture was growing because of the incidents in Libya and Tunisia where the so-called Islamic political current ascended to power.
Therefore, they felt certain that they surpassed their political size and have become players who can impose their will on big powers. Yet, when the ‘sails’ of this policy were torn by the strong popular wind; first in Egypt, then in Tunisia and later in Libya, the shock was disastrous. In addition, the decision-making circle in Doha could not imagine that the Gulf surrounding it had ‘drowned’ the Brotherhood power in Egypt; so it became hostile to GCC countries.
However, the truth is completely different. This is what Doha, which walks on the wrong path and pushes itself towards isolation because it listens to the ‘croak’ of Brotherhood ravens, has not realized. This is similar to committing political suicide. It is not a drawback for countries to implement their foreign policies according to their whims; yet, the grave mistake is when you do not have a vision on what is happening in the world. Therefore, you will mortgage your future to a power that nations have experienced for 80 years. This power has always failed in exams, because its political ideology is based on monopolizing the rule. This is the reality of the Brotherhood Movement.
The bet was not out of place, because of those of who envisaged they could use the group like the one who set fire to his house just to light a cigarette. In fact, the Brotherhood Movement members ‘used’ Qatar to implement their long-standing plan to occupy the ruling positions not only in Egypt, Tunisia or Libya but also the entire Arab world. They considered Doha a door they could knock on in order to use Gulf funds to execute their plan.  
These facts have prompted the GCC countries to give several hints at the beginning and then it gave open hints to Doha; yet, the latter did not grasp the meaning. Moreover, it has plugged its ears in order not to hear the truth. It did not mull over the resonant collapse of the Brotherhood ruling in Egypt, considering what took place on June 30 a coup; while turning a blind eye to the millions of citizens who revolted spontaneously in a bid to protect their homeland and release it from a dictatorship controlled by the hunger of power.
Indisputably, learning from the experiences of others greatly contributes to efforts to enhance the status of countries. Unfortunately, the Qatari decision-makers did not learn form such experiences; particularly in terms of forming allies with this kind of group which hides behind religion. The Qatari decision-makers did not realize that political loyalty is no longer a commodity they can buy in this day and age, because the one you buy today will sell you tomorrow. Did they learn the lesson before it is too late?
By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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