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Terrify them before they ‘terrorize’ you

THE independence of the judiciary is an undisputable aspect of any country in the world. It is the sword of justice and refuge for the downtrodden. No one should be allowed to undermine the foundations of this vital institution under any circumstances. This institution must be allowed to uphold its reverence and dignity. It is imperative that the judiciary expedites issues of terrorism because they threaten the security and stability of the nations.

There is no doubt, lenient court verdicts will indirectly encourage crimes, particularly crimes related to terrorism. Will it not give the impression that the State is afraid of the terrorists? Will it not mean the State has succumbed to pressure and that the terrorists hold the bargaining chip through murders and destruction?

If Arab countries, particularly those which have been victims of terrorism want to uproot this menace, they must waste no time to put them where they belong - of course through court verdicts, before they expand the base of their activities. It is evident the terrorists have been toying with the security and stability of nations where the judiciary has been slow to act giving them ample time to play their trump cards and bring the balance of power in their favor.

Learning from recent and past experiences, particularly from countries which are still suffering from the menace of terrorism - countries such as Yemen, Algeria and others — this is a serious issue and should be dealt with decisively and viciously. These countries have been lenient in the face of terrorism and allowed the terrorists to gain a foothold by creating factions and by doing so they succeeded in stamping their authority and wrested control of vital institutions. Will the rest of the countries want to be victimized in a similar manner or will they make anticipatory moves to prevent the worst from happening?
The judiciary is required now more than at any time before to play its role, whether in Egypt, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or Bahrain, Kuwait or any other country because killing even a single person means killing the entire human race.

The verse from the Holy Quran 5:32, is clear on this issue. Allah the Almighty says:  ‘That was why We prescribed this for the children of Israel: He who killed any person, unless it be a person guilty of manslaughter, or of spreading chaos in the land, should be looked upon as though he had slain all mankind, and he who saved one life should be regarded as though he had saved the lives of all mankind. But the majority of them went on committing excesses in the land even after Our Messengers came to them one after the other with clear directions.’ Isn’t it that the real meaning is found in the above mentioned verse concerning crime against humanity? Must not the Arabs, without fear, protect their peoples from those who commit crime against humanity and turn a deaf ear to those who cry in the name of respect for human rights?

The organizations which have been haunting us with their demands are the ones which overlook serious crimes committed in several countries. Take for example the United States of America — how Washington violently suppressed the ‘Wall Street’ demonstration because it posed a threat to the economic powerhouse. Another example is the former French President Nicholas Sarkozy who issued orders to the security forces to put down demonstrations on the issue of retirement age. And in Great Britain, David Cameron was harsh with the protestors who were demanding better living conditions although these people were neither terrorist nor threatened the security or were involved in mass killings or bombings.

I say, ‘Whenever the national security is at risk, we have no place for human rights.’ Those countries which cry foul in the name of human rights caved in under political pressure — countries use the ‘human rights organizations’ as a whip to intimidate poor weak Arab countries which panic when a statement is issued here and there. We say once again if you want to eradicate the epidemic of terrorism, do not hesitate to issue harsh verdicts against the terrorists. Terrify them before they terrorize you.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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