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‘Bachelors in family areas violate rules’ ‘Search, inspection on cards’

KUWAIT CITY, March 27: Director General of the Kuwait Municipality Engineer Ahmad Al-Sabeeh has said the issue of renting accommodation to bachelors inside private residential areas meant for families violates regulations, reports Al-Kuwaitiya daily.

He added the matter necessitates serious coordination and follow- up between the Municipality and the Directorate General of Investigations in Interior Ministry to secure search warrants for inspection. Engineer Al-Sabeeh affirmed that there is no need amending any law or regulations, given that the sector has enough laws and regulations governing activities at the moment. He stressed the issue only needs the municipality’s oversight and coordination and follow- up with the investigation department to cite violations.

He explained the Municipality had sought legal view from the Fatwa and Legislative Department regarding the matter to determine if its procedures are in the legal framework. The fatwa department indicated the municipal officer in charge of the matter should first prepare a report stating his justifications and presumptions based on the proof of violation, and then, the report should be referred to the Interior Ministry’s investigation department, and then detectives in command will determine the whole matter and decide on issuing the search warrant, he noted.

Al-Sabeeh explained that the Municipality needs search warrant to be able to act upon those renting family accommodations to bachelors, because the act is considered a misdemeanor by the Municipality. He added Municipal officers base their actions on Decree Number 125/1992 that prohibits bachelors to live in family designated areas, “and once lawsuit has been filed, the violators will be referred to Interior Ministry’s investigation department.

He reiterated the activities of the municipal officers do not rip the police of its specialty, and that the penalty for violating rent regulation is not less than KD 500, and if the violation is repeated, the fine is doubled.

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