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50% Indemnity if you resign

Kindly advise me on the issue of indemnity as my resignation date is 27th Feb 2014.My joining date was 5th July, 2009. I am getting KD 400 as monthly salary. According to my company, my indemnity is for 69.8 days and after deduction of half of it (as I am resigning), they will pay me indemnity for 34.4 days, and according to their calculations this amounts to KD 537.

Please advise if the company’s calculations are correct or not and if not then please let me know how much I should get?

Name withheld

Answer: The company’s calculations are correct because you get 15 days indemnity for each year served and as you served over 3 years but less than 5 years (4 years and 7 months exactly for you), you will get 50 per cent of the indemnity as you are resigning.

These 34.4 days are then divided by 26 and multiplied by your salary of KD 400. According to our calculations you should be getting KD 529 but you are getting more than that, which means the company is paying you for 35 days. So everything is correct.

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