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 My qualification is Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science Engineering. What I want to know is whether Kuwait considers the Bachelor of Technology as an Engineering Degree or not. How can we confirm whether this is accepted in Kuwait or not?

Name withheld
In this connection we would like to publish the following statement published on the official website of Kuwait University. This statement, which is linked to the country’s stand on the issue, gives a detailed answer to your question: “Dean of College of Engineering and Petroleum at Kuwait University Professor Hussein Ali Al-Khayyat has stated — in a press release on the classification of the academic accreditation board of engineering programs and technology (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) which approves and evaluates prestigious engineering programs internationally, both within the US or abroad, including all engineering programs at Kuwait University, that separate the programs of engineering from the programs of technology. “Therefore it is unfair to use the term ‘engineer’ as a job title for holders of Bachelor of Science in Engineering degrees and holders of Bachelor of Technology degrees, as the specific job title should be ‘engineer’ for graduates of science in engineering and ‘technology engineer’ for graduates of technology, as the background and educational attainment vary, as well as the nature of the curriculums, the quality of vocational training, the consequent variation in the job title, the nature of the business entrusted to each, the privileges and supervisory functions for each job.

“Regarding this matter, the College of Engineering and Petroleum at KU has reserved its opinion towards holders of Bachelors of Science in Engineering Technology and holders of Bachelors Degree in Technology in terms of the job title, works places, incentives and assignment of supervisory positions.” Al-Khayyat asserted that the difference must be clear to those in charge of recruitment, both in the Civil Service Bureau or other state institutions and work places in order to avoid confusion between the two job titles so that disciplines and privileges do not interfere as well as to avoid confusion for those who prefer to study one of the two majors.

Holders of a diploma degree from the technical colleges in general (whether in Kuwait or other countries) cannot be sustained in prestigious Colleges of Engineering without repeating some courses due to different curricula, teaching methods and the depth of the theoretical study of “Engineering” compared to studying “diploma”, despite the similarities in names of some courses, the style and content of coverage is quite different between the two programs.” Al-Khayyat indicated that in regard to offering undergraduate programs in engineering technology, “we believe that the decision requires an academic study, thus the College reserved its opinion from the beginning on this subject and refused to even participate in the study, based on the following reasons:

■ Negative impact on the level of engineering education in Kuwait in terms of in equal opportunities for application and acceptance among applicants for study programs in engineering technology and those applying to study at the College of Engineering and Petroleum.

■ Creating unfair competition between the outputs of the university and the outputs of those who place technology programs in light of job description applicable to the Civil Service Bureau, which does not differentiate between holders of Bachelors of Science in Engineering and graduates of technology in terms of the appointment degree, job title, salaries and privileges.

■ Committing to create a private college for teaching mathematics, chemistry and physics under the hands of qualified professors and specialists of PhD holders par with what is being practiced globally in similar programs.

■ Specifying the title and job description of graduates of the program by the competent authorities in the state and clarifying the differences between them and what Kuwait University offers as to prepare for a study of the labor market needs for this specialty, before accepting applicants.

■ Obtaining academic accreditation for a diploma degree from an accredited board internationally and holding it for a reasonable time before deciding to present the undergraduate program.

“Engineering programs at College of Engineering and Petroleum have been primarily adopted by Accreditation Board for Engineering Programs and Technology (ABET), although the involvement of graduates of the programs had not been adopted in the same work environment of the college’s outputs and more competition would negatively affect the labor market and on the outcomes of engineering education in Kuwait. “This statement is considered a matter of scientific integrity, as it stems from the duty of College of Engineering and Petroleum towards the community, which requires the delivery of a clear message to the state’s officials in order to preserve the future of the nation and the energies of youth, in addition to emphasizing on creating opportunities for honest scientific competition, based on the foundations of basic and universal standards that are not affected by the demands or personal desires of the people, and in this sense, the college is ready to make the maximum degree of cooperation with all governmental and private academic institutions for the benefit of our beloved country and the preservation of future generations”.

From the above statement it is very clear that both the degrees are being considered as engineering degrees by the authorities in Kuwait but the same is being opposed by scholars as the one above who feel that people with Bachelor of Science in Engineering degrees should be called “engineers” and those with Bachelor of Technology degrees as “technology engineers”. But Kuwait’s Ministry of Education has not made statement on the issue so far, which means holders of both the degrees are still being classified as engineers despite the opposition. So, the best way out of the situation is to approach the Ministry of Education with your degree and let them decide whether you can be given the title of “engineer” regardless of the degree you hold. Countries around the world have different views on the issue.

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