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Only talk

UNFORTUNATELY, Arabs have been sinking in a water pan of political dialogues for decades. These dialogues have led them to nowhere as they keep on orbiting in a vicious circle of disability. The load accumulates day by day and it may break their backs soon; making them appear like they have a disease called, ‘political sophism’. 

In addition, if they do not find a case to keep themselves busy, they focus on something like the question, ‘Which came first, the chicken or the egg?’ In other words, they are people who merely talk. They make other people take action while they focus on reaction. Even in such a situation, their reaction is just verbal. Since the establishment of the Arab League, Arabs have been disagreeing under its umbrella. They always argue over items on the agendas of their conferences. They steer clear of other nations whose power and resources are less than what they have; yet they did not learn anything from these countries, at least in the economic field, even if they have the ability to become more powerful up to the extent of not asking assistance from the West. They don’t even have to import matches if they only take serious steps to unite.

Despite their resources, they are not serious in building real industries to address their unemployment problem. The rising unemployment rate in these countries has prompted their youths to join groups involved in extremism, murder and terrorism. If they were determined to stop relying on the West for food and water, they would have transformed millions of hectares into paradise; in which they eat fruits and provide jobs to tens of millions of youths.

Today, Arabs gather in the 25th Summit and as we said earlier, they will ponder on the same speech about the Palestinian cause for which they have done nothing. Recently, the Syrian cause was added to that of the Palestinian; yet their statements or speeches have been the same for the last 68 years. They will not present plausible solutions and their speeches will be kept in the shelves once the summit ends. Is it not for Arabs to give up their eloquence for one day and look at the economic position of their nations; in addition to working seriously to bring back their investments from abroad to be utilized in their countries and neutralize the economy from their political conflicts?

Didn’t they ask themselves even for a day: Why do the Kuwaiti, Emirati, Saudi, Qatari, Iraqi, Lebanese, Algerian and other investments move to Western and Eastern Europe, Latin America and the West in general? Or, do they know the reason and they feel shy to talk about it because their practices have pushed these capitals abroad? Why does a Saudi dairy company move its capital to Arizona — an American State — in order to plant fodder at a time there are vast barren land areas in Egypt, Tunisia, Iraq, Sudan and other Arab countries? Is it not because the company wants to avoid complications and risks; besides the direct or indirect blackmail practiced by those in power through political pressure in these countries?

In spite of the miserable position which Arabs usually set aside or ignore in their meetings, they keep on asking us, after each meeting, to invest in the Arab world although they have not thought, even once, to activate or implement economic pacts they signed tens of years ago; including the agreements on investment, freedom of moving capitals, unification of tariffs or taxes or even freedom of individuals to move. This is a strange story which makes a person despise anything about Arabs. Is it not a joke that Arabs take a decision or announce easing investment procedures, for example; only to come up with a series of decisions later to restrict the issuance of visas? This clearly shows they contradict themselves as if they are suffering from schizophrenia.

It has become necessary to convince the Arabs that linking and enhancing their economic interests are better than the political conflicts they have been grappling with for seven decades. They have to give up their chronic political greed, so their conferences do not become avenues for mere talk and dialogue of the deaf. On second thought, the dialogue of the deaf could be useful if it is translated into sign language. However, the dialogues of Arabs are just like those of the deaf in a dark room.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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