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Arab Summit is a replica of original

THE Arab Summit, which will kick off on Tuesday, is not different in shape or content from the previous editions; except in one aspect — the feuding parties. Some parties have taken control of the feud, up to the extent of almost becoming a puzzle. Today, Iraq has issues with Saudi Arabia and Qatar; while Yemen is in a tussle with Iraq and Qatar. Egypt and Qatar are embroiled in a misunderstanding, as well as against other countries like Libya, Algeria and Lebanon; such that every country is watching the other.

This scenario makes the summit look like an annual congregation to aggravate rifts between Arab nations and complicate solutions. With only a few hours left before the summit, all member-nations continue to issue statements to outwit one another. However, the history of the summit for the past 68 years since its inception in Egypt; shows that Arabs will never change if they continue to live in the bondage of revenge and impose their viewpoints on others, even if it requires the use of force.

Rifts between these countries are endless and sometimes lead to military assaults instead of limiting them to diplomatic rows. This is the true position of things as they have not exerted efforts to clear the dark cloud of envy enveloping the atmosphere in order to enjoy the sun of agreement on a particular position. They exhibit the same attitude in dealing with common issues which should not have reached the point of disagreement like the cases of Palestine, Lebanon, Yemen, Somalia and several other countries. We will read in the communiquÈ of this edition similar contents as those issued in previous summits.

In all communiquÈs and decisions, we usually read similar language that reflects chronic incapability. All decisions taken in previous summits remain ink on paper or just diagnosis of the illness without prescribing medications. Even if they prescribe medications, no one is ready to execute it. Therefore, we see them accommodating the ‘devil’ in their utterances to make the prescription another source of rift. Since the third summit in Egypt in 1964, the communiquÈs have been the same. In that summit, they agreed on the need to end rifts and cleanse the Arab atmosphere to actualize common Arab goals fairly, as well as to urge the international community to support the Arab cause against Israeli aggression.

This is the summary of all the communiquÈs we have been reading, even when hosting the summit rotates annually among the members-States. The summits held every 10, four or three years were probably far better than the current situation, because the interval between one summit and the other sometimes contributed to easing tension. In recent years, the annual summits have complicated the issues while the atmosphere has always been tensed as the urge for revenge remained.

To avoid being unfair, we have to admit the recent summits succeeded only in terms of protocol, because the participating countries always agreed on a single line of the communiquÈ — thanking the host-nation for its hospitality. Those in charge of drafting the communiquÈs have stooped so low, up to the extent of using contents of previous communiquÈs without any addition or deletion; thereby, making it a replica of the original.

Everybody should accept this truth, so whoever sees the Kuwait Summit as historic opportunity should take advantage of it to steer the Arab ship towards the Promised Land before the massive transformations witnessed across the world consume it. Will they change? Tomorrow is just around the corner!

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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