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Stains on passport

 On the page opposite to the one with the residency sticker, the ticket stamp made a slight impression on the residency sticker at the time of renewal of residency but everything is visible as the ink stains haven’t done any damage except for a few light marks.

I asked my company mandoub (representative) about the issue as I wanted to know whether I would run into any difficulties but he said that I would face no problems as such a thing was common.

I want to put the same question to you: Will I face any problems while traveling, especially from my home country?

Name withheld

Answer: Your mandoub (company representative) was right and you will not face any problems while travelling as such ink stains are very common, in fact you are likely to find such stains in almost all the passports. So, you should not worry about anything. Mostly because when you arrive at Kuwait Airport, the immigration officials have various ways to check your residency, including through your Civil ID number. We also don’t think you will face any such problem also when you travel from your own country because, as we have said above, such ink stains are very common.

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