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Kuwaiti shines in UAE tournament

KUWAIT CITY, March 22, (KUNA): Kuwaiti Jet Skier Hamad Al-Dallali seized the first place in the fifth round of the UAE tournament which concluded in Abu Dhabi late on Friday. Al-Dallali told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) on Saturday that he had won the first place in Stock amateur category through a fierce competition with other jet skiers, adding that his team mate Abdullah Al-Turkait took third place, which enabled him to stay at the top of the general rankings.

The Jet Skier also said that winning the first place in this round had given him the opportunity to stay in the top spots in the general rankings, noting that this is his first time of participating in the tounrament.
Al-Turkait praised the efforts of his team members of assistants and technicians, who helped him to achieve such positive results. The UAE jet ski tournament consists of six rounds, three are held in Abu Dhabi, while the other three are held in Dubai, where the final round will kick off next week.


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