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Gulf Investment House earns KD 1.75 mln SHIP posts KD 1.852 million profit in 2013

KUWAIT CITY, March 20: The Kuwait Stock Exchange Company announces that the Gulf Investment House has obtained the approval of the Capital Market Authority on the annual financial statements of the company for the year ended 31/12/2013 on 19/3/2014:

Particulars 31/12/2013 31/12/2012
Profit (loss) (KD) 1,758,596 334,683
EPS (fils) 4.17 0.79
Total current assets 10,351,677 16,995,791
Total assets 58,700,807 64,700,234
Total current liabilities 6,492,713 5,381,357
Total liabilities 41,554,510 45,717,995
Total shareholders’
equity 16,887,561 18,669,494

The total revenue from transactions with related parties is worth KD 278,732 The total expenses from transactions with related parties is worth KD 1,789,756 Note that the Board of Directors will meet later to the adoption of these data and discuss the dividend.

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