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Kuwait to translate commercial, investment laws into English

KUWAIT CITY, March 20, (KUNA): The Department of Fatwa and Legislation signed on Thursday a contract with the International Development Law Organization to translate Kuwaiti commercial and investments laws from Arabic to English as a step toward turning Kuwait into a world-class financial and commercial hub regionally, said head of the Department Salah Al- Mesa’ad on Thursday.

The contract is in keeping with the Article No. 9 for the law of the year 2010 regarding the nation’s growth and development plan aimed at implementing the plan with the emphasis on turning Kuwait into a regional finance and commercial center, said Al-Mesa’ad in remarks to KUNA.

He added that the Department sought translating the nation’s commercial and investment laws basically to avail foreign investors with clear and transparent information on how to approach investing in Kuwait, noting that the information would also be a valuable source for researchers and scholars interested in Kuwait. Kuwait was among a number of countries that contributed to the establishment of the International Development Law Organization in 1981

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