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States afflicted with Rasputin, Guevara

DIDN’T the recent incidents in the Arab world and our region make us deduce that history repeats itself? Isn’t Rasputin among us today albeit garbed in Islamic gown, or someone who erroneously imagines himself as Che Guevara clad in a civilian suit? The first used the pulpit of the mosque instead of possessing the palace through women; but in the end, his deeds were considered among those of the black Russian monk. The other thinks he may launch an international revolution in the alleys of some Arab countries in order to change the world while sitting behind a computer in his office, making his followers move. Is this not tragedy for those seeking for his help?

Some Arab countries have been afflicted by these two models of statesmen. We have seen how a pariah turned himself into a religious reference and a theorist for the nation. He sometimes envisages himself as the guide of countries and a judge; acting as if he is the shadow of Allah on Earth. He does not differ from Rasputin when it comes to dealing with women. The other pariah thinks he is the consultant for rulers and he is able to redraw the map of the nation, totally forgetting about the limited political abilities of the country where he currently lives.

What happened in the last three years and what is happening today, particularly the incident related to the policies of certain countries; is considered a repetition of what happened in the beginning of the last century. However, this time there are new styles which came with power of money and the ability to utilize it; in such a way that one who has no role or value may wrongfully think he could be an international player and make his size bigger through his money. Nevertheless, the truth is completely different because the gates of power in the world are known.

In addition, the big powers cannot commit a mistake in dealing with this issue; otherwise, they will jeopardize their strategic interests and gamble with them. Undoubtedly, the United States of America, the European Union, China, Russia and other countries, which have strategic interests in the Middle East, have realized that there is a huge difference between engaging in naughty activities to improve the conditions of some bargains and the big choices in arranging the region’s positions based on the new developments in the territorial position over the last 30 years.

These countries have realized that big bargains are not given to nations with limited power and influence, even if the latter imagined for a moment that they have the ability to change the Arab world, or thought their policies were approved because the big powers have disregarded their practices and policies at a certain point. Even if some of the big powers had encouraged such policy, it does not mean the international community has accepted the roles of countries with limited power and influence.

Perhaps, this truth was the reason behind the illogical attempt made by some countries to prove that they possess the power they have imagined. The reality shocked them, up to the extent that they started searching for a place to hide the shame in their faces; particularly in terms of the role they played in several Arab countries. Some facts cannot be changed by the illusions of the Rasputin of the Brotherhood and the Guevara of the modern age. This is what certain countries must realize in order for them to rejoin the line before transforming themselves into victims on the table of big settlements, which are being prepared at the international level. They must bear in mind that whoever sets fire to the garden of his neighbor is not safe from the sparks.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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