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Kuwaiti couple held with drugs, sex toys

 KUWAIT CITY, March 18: A Kuwaiti couple was arrested on Fourth Ring Road in possession of narcotic pills and sex toys. According to security sources, Hawally securitymen were patrolling Maidan Hawally area when they noticed a black vehicle committing a traffic violation. When they demanded the female motorist to stop, she defied their orders and sped away. Securitymen chased the vehicle and eventually managed to stop it on Fourth Ring Road.

They checked the documents of the driver and her passenger, and discovered that they are Kuwaiti citizens. When they noticed the Kuwaiti man throwing out a bag, they checked it to find drugs. The officers then checked the vehicle and found more narcotic pills, some sex toys and tools used for consuming drugs. They also discovered that the Kuwaiti man was wanted by law for a financial fraud case.

Both citizens were arrested and referred with the illicit items to the Directorate General for Drug Control for further investigations.

Meanwhile, a Kuwaiti citizen and three expatriates of Syrian and Lebanese nationalities were arrested in possession of drugs. When securitymen noticed an individual committing a traffic violation with his sports vehicle, they stopped him and discovered that he was with three other people in the vehicle.

They checked their documents and discovered that the motorist is a Kuwaiti citizen while his passengers were Syrian and Lebanese nationals. They checked the vehicle and found some drugs. They arrested the four individuals and referred them with the drugs to the concerned authorities for necessary legal action against them.

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