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Firemen put out the fire in Mina Abdullah tire scrap completely
Gas emissions from burning tires not alarming, says EPA ‘Changing winds spread smoke’; fire controlled

KUWAIT CITY, March 18, (KUNA): Gas emissions from the burning scrap tires site in Mina Abdullah are not alarming, affirmed the Environment Public Authority. Two EPA teams specialized in measuring air quality and treatment of hazardous waste acted at the site and examined pollution levels, said Mohammad Al-Enezi, EPA’s deputy director general for environment and technical affairs, in remarks to KUNA. The two teams coordinated with personnel from the fire department and the municipality to take necessary measures to deal with hazardous waste, he said, adding that the blazes were contained and the burning tires were buried with heaps of sand.

For his part, Ayman Bou- Jebara, in charge of monitoring air quality, said winds this morning reached 18 km per hour and picked up to 28 km per hour, shortly later, thus causing pollutants emitted from the burning site to scatter quickly. He denied rumors that smoke spotted in the day’s wee hours was emitted from oil installations. Meanwhile, earlier, firemen put out a fire that broke out at a used tires scrap at Mina Abdullah early Tuesday, said a fire department official.

Acting Deputy Director General of Kuwait Fire Service Directorate Colonel Jamal Al-Belaihees told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) the fire was extinguished by personnel of four fire stations, adding that the fire zone had been isolated from a neighboring used tires area to prevent the blaze from spreading further. The fire spread 300 square meters, he said, noting that the firemen continued to completely control the blaze by burying the burnt tires, in cooperation with Kuwait Municipality personnel. Regarding recent increase in used tires’ fires, he said Directorate officials had met with Al-Ahmadi Governor to discuss the issue, including removing and cleaning used tires stored areas in Mina Abdullah.

The Colonel also called on all citizens and residents to follow the directions of firemen for their own safety. In another unrelated development, Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) on Tuesday emphatically denied rumors buzzing social media sites about purported leakage at oil installations. Smoke that billowed into the skies in south of the country early today originated from the industrial zone in Mina Abdullah, said the KOC in a statement.

The KOC operations are proceeding regularly, along with standard safety precautions. The industrial zone witnessed early today a fire that burned a dumping site of used tires that were later dumped with heaps of sand.

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