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Bill seeks to ‘fast-track’ prosecution, sentencing

KUWAIT CITY, March 18: MPs Nabil Al-Fadel and MP Abdulhameed Dashti on Tuesday presented a proposal to add two articles to Criminal Trial and Procedures Law number 17/1970. This came after an Ethiopian housemaid allegedly killed the daughter of her sponsor.

The proponents of the bill argued that prioritizing crime prevention is not enough to address the issue as it is equally important to speed up serving justice, which is embodied in the procedures of the concerned authorities.

The two lawmakers emphasized the need to add two articles to the law — the first stipulates that any crime related to public opinion and the media must be investigated and finalized by the Public Prosecution and the investigators within two months from the day the suspect was arrested. The second states that the courts must issue their verdict on such crimes within two months from the day it received the case from the prosecution; including mediation, hearings, court sessions and other judicial procedures.

They believe the implementation of the bill will guarantee rapid delivery of justice, assure the public that the country has an efficient justice system, and prevent crimes.

Meanwhile, MP Abdulkarim Al- Kandari has called on the parliamentary committees to include the guns collection bill in the agenda for the next session, warning that any further delay in the passage of the bill may result in more killings of innocent people.

In a press statement Tuesday, Al- Kandari disclosed he has presented a draft bill on the collection of guns from individuals and to lay down regulations on granting licenses for specific types of guns, along with a health certificate, to prove the holder is free from psychological and emotional illness. He also stressed the need to confiscate all unlicensed guns. He pointed out it is now time to pass the bill due to the security situation and the rising number of youths using guns, causing deaths and injuries. He said gun usage has been increasing at an alarming rate and some youths have turned into arms dealers rather than focusing on building their future and contributing to national growth. He added the bill stipulates a timeframe for those who want to hand over their firearms and the government will not apply the law on them, in addition to a financial reward ranging from KD 500 to KD 1,000. In the meantime, the Legal and Legislative Committee approved the proposed amendments to Experts Regulation Law number 40/1980 to transform the Experts Department into an independent authority.

Moreover, Al-Kandari, who currently heads the committee, confirmed that they approved the proposal to amend the Administrative Law and the Administrative Court issued through decree number 20/1981 on the complaints regarding administrative decisions.

The proposal states that if the managerial body does not deal with the complaint within 60 days after submission, it will be considered null and void. He affirmed the bill, once implemented, will protect the rights of citizens.

On the other hand, the committee rejected the proposal to amend Article Five of this law to establish a unit in the Disputes Department to look into final administrative decisions; including those related to nationality. It also refused to amend the first article of the same law to allow the court to study the requests of individuals and institutions by cancelling final administrative decisions, even if they are related to nationality or deportation of expatriates.

Furthermore, MP Khalil Al-Saleh criticized the government for its alleged failure to submit its financial report to the Parliament, considering the current fiscal year — 2013/2014 — will end soon. He lamented they don’t know why the government is hiding information on the financial status of the State. He called on Finance Minister Anas Al-Saleh to immediately respond to the queries of MPs and the citizens regarding the issue.

Also, MP Ali Al-Rashed submitted a number of queries to HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak regarding the Bedoun issue. He wants to know if the Cabinet has come up with a permanent solution. He asked if the authority has reviewed the timeline for solving the problems of Bedouns, while taking into consideration the possibility that this humanitarian issue might become a security issue. He also inquired if the Cabinet has plans for Bedouns who have been residing in Kuwait since the 1960s, as well as those who served in the military and participated in previous wars, since they deserve the citizenship.

By: Abubakar A. Ibrahim and Ahmed Al-Naqeeb Arab Times Staff

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