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Future has his mind on future Tyler, The Creator, incited riot at SXSW

AUSTIN, Texas, March 16, (AP): Future had one last spot to fill on his upcoming album and he wanted Kanye West to guest. He sent over a few tracks and what happened next was completely unexpected. “He picked this ‘I Won’ track,” the Atlanta producer-rapper said Saturday during a two-day stop at South By Southwest. “He did the verse in one day and sent it back. That’s rare when you get a Kanye verse back in one day, so you know it’s one of them records when he does the verse and sends it back in 24 hours. That’s the icing on the cake with the album.” Future began to debut tracks from “Honest,” out April 22, at the annual music conference and festival on Friday and said he was excited for the wider world to hear what he feels is a very personal album. “Honest” also includes guest appearances from stars like Pharrell, Drake, Andre 3000 and Wiz Khalifa.

West’s appearance on “I Won” is one of the more personal moments, encapsulating how deeply in love each is with the women in their lives. West is engaged to Kim Kardashian and Future will marry Ciara later this year. The song compares their relationships with the feeling of winning a trophy. “When you have songs like that, they empower women,” he said. “I just feel like I want to big up women just in general, from my lady to his lady, to all women, to make sure they get their light on them and just knowing they’re important.”

Future has much more going on this year than just the album. He’s got a tour to rehearse for and can’t take all the outside production opportunities he’s being offered. He’s also launching an apparel line. That’s just the business side. In his personal life, he’s preparing for the birth of a child with Ciara and trying to plan their wedding. He didn’t want to give away more details, but couldn’t help it as he talked about everything.

“I’m suuuper excited, even though I don’t want to talk about it, I’m super, super, super excited,” he said. “Personally we’re trying to get everything mapped out in the way we want to do it, and so it’s not time to talk about it, but it’s going to happen. And we’re excited about our baby, excited about getting married. She’s actually doing the baby shower. We’re super excited about that, every day shopping for the baby, just trying new things, just me growing up, being a father, learning about myself, learning more about my kids and just being the man I need to be for them.” Asked if he knows the baby’s sex, he initially declined to answer, but couldn’t help himself. The baby is going to be “a superstar,” he said. “He’s kicking around, dancing in her stomach, doing some moves. I don’t know what he’s doing, turning it up.”

Rapper Tyler, The Creator, was arrested Saturday for allegedly inciting a riot during a show at the South By Southwest music festival. Travis County Sheriff’s spokesman Roger Wade said the Odd Future rapper, whose name is Tyler Gregory Okonma, was arrested at Austin-Bergstrom Airport and was likely to be arraigned later Saturday. If convicted of inciting a riot, which is a misdemeanor, he faces up to a year in jail and a $4,000 fine. His bond was set at $3,500. The rapper’s publicist declined to comment about the arrest. Police say the 23-year-old Los Angeles resident incited a large crowd of fans at the annual music conference and festival to push their way past venue employees controlling access to a Thursday show that was already at full capacity.

Officers who were at the scene said in a warrant that Tyler yelled for fans to push their way inside twice, and that a bartender had to protect a woman from injury in the resulting push. Police released a video from the concert that shows scores of fans bursting through a gate at the Scoot Inn in downtown Austin.
Tyler and members of the Odd Future collective were denied a visa to travel to New Zealand in February after officials there said they were a potential “public threat” because of past troubles, “including incidents at past performances in which they have incited violence.” They pointed to a 2011 incident in which police were called to a comic book store in Boston where fans became unruly. The group’s manager, Christian Clancy, defended them last month after the New Zealand decision, saying they were young at the time and were being judged too harshly.

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