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The minister at KFH booth.
‘KFH plays vital role in supporting economy’ Al-Medej lauds bank’s efforts in promoting students’ activities

KUWAIT CITY, March 16: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce and Industry Dr Abdul Mohsen Al-Medej visited Kuwait Finance House (KFH) booth at the College of Business Administration at Kuwait University, and applauded KFH for taking part in the Accounting Week Expo. He underlined KFH’s role in supporting the pillars of the national economy, and lauded the bank’s efforts in supporting various students’ activities at various educational institutions. The minister explained that auditing financial accounts is a vital specialty at any corporation; especially that such a field of work plays a role in the development and advance of commerce and economy.

KFH has been keen to bear the responsibility with the public sector regarding students, since it offers them suitable jobs to develop, and answers their questions , which has a positive impact on their academic and professional levels.  KFH spearheads the development process in Kuwait, not to mention its role in encouraging students to hold various group activities that hone their administrative and professional skills.  Meanwhile, Public Relations Manager at KFH Youssef Al-Ruwaieh thanked the minister for his visit, and gave him a commemorative plaque in recognition of his role in boosting the economy through laws that ensure a suitable investment atmosphere that leads to further development and economic prosperity.

KFH Group is a global pioneer in the field of Islamic banking services, where it offers a wide array of Islamic products and services, not to mention a high standard of innovation and client service.  KFH manages its operations in the GCC, Asia, and Europe through over 310 branches, including KFH-Turkey, in order to offer services for the bank’s clients in Turkey, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Australia, Jordan, Dubai, and Manheim in Germany.

KFH’s mission is to achieve highest levels of excellence and innovation in the field of client service, while developing common interest for all those concerned with the financial institution. KFH’s vision is to spearhead the global development in Islamic financial services, and to upgrade the bank into the level of becoming the most sustainable profitable Islamic bank in the world.  KFH’s values include cementing leadership through all its businesses, including leadership in the Islamic banking services worldwide, through innovation and in client service and the development of its employees. In addition, KFH is committed to all its procedures, and to setting up long-life partnerships with the concerned authorities.

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