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McDonald’s Kuwait preps for WC with Tastes of the World campaign Fans get opportunities to celebrate

KUWAIT CITY, March 16: McDonald’s Kuwait announced the launch of its third annual Tastes of the World campaign. Following overwhelming success in 2012 and 2013, McDonald’s will once again offer a limited time range of exotic sandwiches, this year inspired by favourite football destinations around the world beginning on March 15th 2014.  With its unique and unexpected range of sandwiches, McDonald’s invites customers to experience all the delicious flavours they have come to expect from the brand, but this year with the added fanfare and flavour of the 2014 FIFA World CupTM.

The campaign kicks off in exotic South America with The Brazilian. Customers can look forward to a crispy Halal chicken patty, punched up with a smoky kick of fire roasted pepper sauce, shredded fresh lettuce and a slice of Emmental cheese. The first of the sandwich line-up will be available until 4th April, 2014. Customers wondering about the other sandwiches will have to wait patiently until they are launched; McDonald’s is keeping their identities a closely-guarded secret.

Adel Fahmy, Marketing Manager, McDonalds’ Kuwait commented: “Customers throughout the Middle East are not only known for their sophisticated palates, but also for being devoted football fans, which is why - for the first time ever in the Middle East - we’re excited to announce a football-themed Tastes of the World campaign in preparation for the highly anticipated 2014 FIFA World CupTMin June. We think it’s a winning combination of exciting new flavours, a love for the game of football, and the high quality products that McDonald’s has always been known for.”

On the sweeter side of the menu, McDonald’s also announced the launch of the limited time “Apple Cinnamon Sundae”, featuring real apple chunks and cinnamon, for those who want to end off their meal with a cool treat. McDonald’s is committed to serving the very best, and never compromises on food quality. All products served at all McDonald’s restaurants in the Middle East are Halal, inspected and approved by local authorities and Halal officers at the countries of export, and customs officials at the port of entry. All meat used in McDonald’s restaurants can be traced back to a trusted supplier that shares its dedication to the highest quality standards.

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