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Ban employment of women in ‘snooker halls’, says MP

KUWAIT CITY, March 16: Head of the Negative Phenomena Committee MP Hamdan Al-Azmi has demanded to ban the employment of women in snooker halls, as it could lead to debauchery, reports Al-Rai daily.

He also criticized the dance parties organized by some companies because such events are not in line with the moral values upheld by the Kuwaiti society.

MP Al-Azmi revealed that the committee will discuss these issues on Monday, as it intends to spare no efforts to control such odd phenomena in Kuwait. He also warned against the violations being committed inside cafÈs and urged people to wear decent clothes when using swimming pools and visiting hotel lobbies or islands.

He bid the concerned officials at Ministry of Interior to clarify details about the gambling case to the committee as well as the latest developments in the investigations conducted so far on the case

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