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Current national assembly one of the strongest formed: Zalzala Lawmakers advocates of reform, not hostility: MP

KUWAIT CITY, Mar 15 : Due to the recent and frequent talks around social networks about whether the current parliaments might get dissolved or not, MP Yousef Al-Zalzala asserted that this current assembly is one of the strongest to have ever been formed, and the proof is that it has been approved and safeguarded by the constitutional court.

In a comprehensive and detailed press release, the MP insured the public that current MPs are advocates of reform and not hostility, pointing out that interpellations are even executed in a civilized and democratic manner unlike past assemblies where MPs were aggressive and hostile during interpellations. Praising the speaker of the national assembly, he said that the speaker has proven himself worthy of the seat, as he follows the paths of past speakers like Jassem Al-Khorafi and Ali Al- Rashed in terms of mediating sessions, despite some MPs being on the fence in regards to his leadership and capability on handling the position at the beginning, considering he was once a member of the opposition.

He stated that hostility can not build great civilizations, and it does not push the wheel of development forward, but this does not mean we cannot hold the government accountable for its mistakes and misconceptions, affirming that he supports the notion of interpellations, for it possesses the ability to pinpoint the mistakes and wrongdoings of ministers. The lawmaker noted how the past interpellation of the minister of public works was critical as it was constructive, and that after pinpointing where the errors were, recommendations were submitted instead of a vote for no-confidence.

Furthermore, he affirmed that the current assembly continuously lends a helping hand to the government, with a the vision of reform and development, away from disputes and hostility, adding that the proof lies on how all interpellations during this assembly ended without any approved no-confidence motion against the grilled minister. “The current government does not meet the needs of the Kuwaiti public” stated the MP, adding that technical ministries more so than others. Pointing out that this leaves the assembly with two courses of action, hostility and push towards the replacement of a certain minister, a course we have no intent on taking, or to deal with the matter in a democratic and civilized manner as we did, considering that the Prime Minister vowed to follow the path of Sheikh Saad Al-Abdullah who used to replace ministers who were incapable of carrying out their responsibilities. He indicated that the PM is keen in cooperating with the assembly, which is proved by his numerous positive proposals to a number of passed bills including the recently approved house loan increment law.

Reaffirming that the current assembly is indeed not hostile in any way or manner, he pointed out that none of the assemblies since 2005 remained, due to their hostility, and since the constitutional court has safeguarded our current assembly, political stability has returned to Kuwait, which is the key factor for development and reform.

MP Al-Zalzala stated that the parliament’s role is legislation and supervision, away from uncivilized behaviors like physical violence or filthy language, similar to what past assemblies used to practice, referring to the opposition bloc in the last dissolved assembly.

The MP asserted that some figures from the opposition are trying to plant sedition seeds within the current assembly in order to cause disorder, hoping it might lead to its dissolution. He added that this is part of their plan of returning to the political field, as they noticed that although their numerous conferences, meetings and statements in social networks, they have no political influence anymore. Therefore, working towards the dissolution of the current assembly is their only way back into influential status, insuring the public that their goals will never see the light of day.

By: Ahmed Al-Naqeeb Arab-Times Staff

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