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‘Psychological profiling of Kuwait housemaids needed’ ‘Violent behaviour cause for worry’

According to Al-Rai daily, “Police are looking for a maid for hitting her female Kuwaiti sponsor with a cleaver during a fight between them. The daily quoting security sources said a complaint has been filed by the victim’s son with the area police station. The woman was taken to the Farwaniya Hospital by paramedics. She has been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit.

The victim’s son has provided police information about the suspect” (see Arab Times March 12, 2014). While writing this article; according to our local media another maid stabbed and killed a 19- year-old Kuwaiti girl, the daughter of the maid’s sponsor. In the face of what appears to be an increase in the number of maids’ violence against their sponsors and sponsors’ families, there is a need to initiate a psychological profiling of maids who work in Kuwait. In fact, it is not enough to fingerprint maids and double check their criminal records in Kuwait.

There is actually a need to start a process of psychological profiling of maids before they arrive in the country to check whether some are prone to violence than others. The government needs to provide more protection to expat and Kuwaiti sponsors against some domestic laborers’ abuse and violence. For the past few years, our local media have been reporting crimes committed against maids by some inhumane sponsors. However, our local media needs also to focus on the other side of the story: as a sponsor of a maid I have the right to be protected from any possible violence against me as an individual and against my family.

Moreover, there seems to be a media bias against expat and Kuwaiti sponsors. Such bias against maids’ sponsors takes different forms and shapes. For example, a runaway maid can work for years undetected; when she is apprehended by the security operatives her original sponsor is required to pay her ticket home! Such injustice against expat and Kuwaiti sponsors of maids is unwarranted: why should I as a sponsor pay the ticket of my runaway maid? Those who were complicit in her running away and working illegally should be held to account.

Furthermore, if our embassies abroad cannot enforce a requirement for a psychological profiling for new maids; why not do it in Kuwait. The government can compel domestic service recruiting companies to obtain a psychological evaluation of new maids. Such recruitment companies can obtain such evaluations of the psychological conditions of new maids through the so-called psychological clinics in Kuwait. It has become a must that one needs to double check quite accurately whether their new maid has had a history of violence in Kuwait or in her home country.

One can verify the sanity of such people through asking their former sponsors or their close friends or relatives. People usually become rather helpful if the sponsor asks them respectively by pointing out to them that the maid will be responsible for taking care of the house when their children are frequently present.

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By: Khaled Aljenfawi

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