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Stop frivolity against women’s rights

THE Kuwaiti Constitution stipulates equality between men and women, not only among various groups in one society. To ensure proper implementation of the law which is based on constitutional articles, it is necessary to grant equal rights to men and women. Women should have the right to take care of their children and to ensure a bright future for them, in addition to providing them with the best in life. Kuwaiti women must have the right to pass on their nationality to their children, especially if these children are residing in Kuwait. This step is considered the correct application of Article Nine of the Constitution which states, “The family is the foundation of society. The stem of this family is religion, morals and love for the homeland. The law protects the entity of the family, strengthens ties, and covers motherhood and childhood.” Unfortunately, nobody has taken this article into consideration since the day it was approved until today.

The image of a Kuwaiti woman married to a non-Kuwaiti has been distorted. She is regarded as a female citizen with duties but no rights. This means the society was built based on the concept of masculinity which controls it. The woman has no place in this kind of society. If this is the case, why grant women the right to vote and run for election? Why were they elected as lawmakers? Why do women serve as ministers, ambassadors and rectors who teach the young generation; some of whom will become lawmakers, minister, constitutional experts, businessmen and parents in the future? Is this not considered a disease in the Kuwaiti political and cultural spheres; especially in terms of how the society looks at women? Undoubtedly, the Kuwaiti politicians are just like many of their counterparts all over the world as they keep on talking about the need to defend the rights of women; while highlighting the latter’s social, scientific and political contributions without taking any concrete step in this regard.

During the celebration of Kuwait’s 23rd Liberation Day, a number of statements were issued about the Kuwaiti female martyrs who took part in resisting the Iraqi invaders and sacrificed their souls for the homeland. Although they are equal with men in performing this national duty and ‘baptizing’ the journey towards liberation with their blood, some people are still against granting women full rights in terms of citizenship. Is it possible to disregard the right of women to pass on citizenship to their children only because they are married to non-Kuwaitis? Is citizenship more important than the soul? Are privileges granted only to men, not the women?

After granting women the right of suffrage nine years ago, didn’t the candidates talk about the rights of women and promised to be fair in dealing with them, especially in terms of allowing those married to non-Kuwaitis to pass on their citizenship to their children? What steps these candidates took after winning the elections to guarantee justice for women? It is time for everyone to stand up in front of the mirror of truth. They have to decide whether to be just with Kuwaiti women as it is done in most countries where a woman passes on her citizenship to her children and her husband, or force the bigmouths to admit that they have been giving such empty promises to get the votes of Kuwaiti women married to non-Kuwaitis because they are not serious in achieving this goal. It is shameful to see discrimination, which is not only against the law of men and the Constitution but also the Divine Laws and values.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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