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Al-Mulaifi urges Kuwaiti students in GCC states to be good examples 1,200 Kuwaitis study in UAE

DUBAI, March 14, (KUNA: The visiting Kuwaiti Minister of Education has urged Kuwaiti students studying in GCC countries to persevere and seek to be an example to be followed for the next generations. Ahmad Al-Mulaifi, also Minister of Higher Education, asked the Kuwaiti students to be grateful for the God-sent boons and ascertain their faithfulness to Kuwait by adhering to their duties and rights as Kuwaiti citizens. The minister made these remarks at the annual gathering of Kuwaiti students studying in the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Qatar — organized by the Kuwaiti Cultural Office in Dubai. “You will be the topic of talks about your country after graduation from your second homeland, the United Arab Emirates; you are its representatives and ambassadors in terms of knowledge, morals and values, thus you are responsible to leave behind good impact to pave the way for those who will come after you,” the minister said.

The students’ annual meeting was sponsored by Minister Al-Mulaifi and attended by the Kuwaiti Ambassador to the UAE, Salah Al-Buaijan, the Kuwaiti General Consult in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, Thiab Al- Rashidi.

For his part, the head of the Kuwaiti Cultural Center, Dr. Salah Yassin, said in a statement during the ceremonial get-together that presence of Minister Al-Mulaifi at the meeting reflected the State of Kuwait’s great concern for the students, namely those of high grades. The meeting was also attended by the Kuwaiti Higher Educational Undersecretary, Rashed Al-Nuwaihed, the head of the Kuwaiti Cultural Office Dr. Saleh Yassin, the Kuwaiti Cultural Attache Dr. Usama Al-Yusuf, Kuwait’s Second Secretary Salem Al- Jiran and GCC diplomats. At conclusion of the ceremony, Minister Al-Mulaifi honored a number of UAE students. Up to 1,200 Kuwaitis study in the UAE.

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