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A group photo of the Kuwaiti shooting team with club’s chairman and the organizing committee.
‘Kuwaiti shooters live up to expectations’ Al Otaibi thanks HH Amir for unlimited support

KUWAIT CITY, March 13: The president of both the Kuwaiti and Arab Shooting Federation Engineer Duaij Al-Otaibi was delighted to win the archers weapons cartouche competition in the Third Amir International Shooting Championship. He was also happy that Kuwaiti competitors are on top of the overall standings in the competitions, in addition to the desired success achieved by the tournament. Al-Otaibi said in a statement to reporters today that the Kuwaiti shooters were living up to the confidence entrusted on them and managed to sweep the top three in dust and double soil competitions. This was in addition to the bronze medal won in the skate competition in the tournament that bears the name of the Amir and holding on their land and among their fans.

He expressed sincere thanks to the Amir for his unlimited support for the tournament and the game of shooting in general, adding that “ Amir is the spiritual father of the sport and his unrelenting support gives us confidence in to challenge and conquer the difficulties that confront us.” In a similar statement, Secretary-General of the Arab and Kuwaiti Federations Obaid Usaimi said Kuwait shooters have achieved good results in the championship, adding they managed to grab first place and excelled over world and Olympic champions who participated in the tournament. Usaimi dedicated this achievement to the Amir, saying that without the support of His Highness the Kuwaiti wouldn’t have reached such a height at the global stage to the extent of organizing such a wonderful event that has been well received by everyone.

He said that the success of organizing this tournament, “is wonderful,” especially that the Organizing Committee has not received any complaint from participating countries. For his part, Kuwaiti shooter Talal Al-Rashidi- who won gold in dust competition, disclosed that the championship was very special with the participation of world champions and record holders who raised bar of the competition. He added that he expected the tournament to be a strong imprint of Kuwait. According to Al-Rashidi, organizing the tournament on the land of Kuwait was extra motivation for him and his colleagues to ascend the podium. He noted that the camping that took place before the tournament and the great emphasis that followed, in addition to the technical and theoretical lectures received from the coach had a positive impact on the team. For his part, Nasser Al-Muqalad- who won a silver medal in the dust competition, declared that the tournament showed willingness of Kuwaiti shooters to compete with the biggest and best international shooters.

Al-Muqalad indicated that winning the championship is a good preparation before the world championships scheduled for next month in the German city of Munich. He hoped that Kuwait will achieve a top position in the tournament, while the team has become the focus of attention for all, thanks to the results achieved. At the conclusion of the championships (dust, double soil and skate), Kuwaiti shooters succeeded in topping the table with seven gold medals, two silvers and three bronzes. Teams from Qatar, Egypt and North Korea followed with one gold medal each. Slovenia, Switzerland, Scotland and Thailand went away with a silver medal each. They were followed by Slovakia and Lebanon that won a bronze medal each.

As per the Seventh Air Pressure Weapons Asian Championship, China excelled over other participating teams by obtaining 11 gold medals, eight silvers and six bronzes.  Indian team occupied the second place with five gold medals, six silvers and eight bronzes, followed by Mongolia in third place two gold medals, one silver and three bronze medals. South Korea occupied the fourth place with two gold medals and a silver and bronze.  Iran followed with a gold, two silver and two bronze medals. Next on the table was Thailand that picked a gold and a silver, ahead of Uzbekistan that grabbed a gold and a bronze. Singapore won a gold medal, while Taiwan won a silver and a bronze.  Malaysia won a silver medal and then Saudi Arabia and Oman won a bronze medal each.

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