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To Abu Malik Al-Kuwaiti, the calamity of a nation is profit!

IN THE past few days, the nuns kidnapped by the extremist group — Al-Nusra Front — from a monastery in Maaloula village in Syria, have been set free. According to Qatari officials, the release process was completed through the intervention of Qatar and Lebanon.  Qatar’s intelligence Chief Ghanim Al-Kubeisi made a surprise visit to Beirut last Sunday. After intensive communications, the Qatari intelligence chief, accompanied by the convoy of Director General of the Lebanese General Security Department Major General Abbas Ibrahim, went to Jurud, Arsal village in Syria for the hand-over of the nuns in the neighboring area of Yabroud.
The head of the Maaloula nuns monastery in Syria expressed her gratitude and appreciation to everyone who assisted in securing their release, especially — according to her statement — President Bashar Al-Assad and his communication with Qatar’s Amir HH Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani. For their generous support; “we thank them endlessly,” she said. The nuns were released in exchange for 152 female prisoners in Syria by the Syrian authorities, but observers have agreed that the exchange was not limited to 152 female prisoners as it extended to the Qatari-Gulf famous means of dealing. What could be the most effective means of dealing than the American dollars! Journalists’ reports affirmed that Qatar paid a sum ranging from four to six million US dollars to the kidnapping group.
However, the one who received these dollars in exchange for the release of the nuns is the Al-Nusra Front leader, who is popularly known by the name, ‘Abu Malik Al-Kuwaiti’...We express here our happiness and jubilation for the release of the innocent nuns, as well as the female prisoners of the Syrian regime. We also express our pride and joy over the fact that the deal was done after the approval of Abu Malik Al-Kuwaiti and Bin Laden’s helper, known as ‘Suleiman Al-Kuwaiti’, who indirectly exposed his boss’ house in Peshawar; let alone the existence of people holding the Kuwaiti nationality. They are among those who wronged Kuwait and its citizens, and mistreated the Kuwaiti identity and nationality.
Retired Lebanese strategy expert Brigadier Ameen Hateet explained to Al-Hayat London Newspaper on the 11th of this month that the operation to secure release of the nuns was successful due to various factors. What concerns us in this case, as stated by Brigadier Hateet, is that, “the State of Qatar sought, with its strong financial intervention in this operation, to break the isolation imposed through the decision taken by Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain; in addition to competing with Saudi Arabia in combating terrorism’’.
In other words, Qatar did what it did owing to the partial GCC decision to isolate it. The Maaloula nuns and the 152 female prisoners benefited from this move, but the one who benefited more is our man, ‘Abu Malik Al-Kuwaiti’, as the calamity of Qatar brought a lot of profits for him.

 By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil

By: Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

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