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Woman gets 3 years for posting nude pics on Twitter Court adjourns hearing to March 23 in man kill case

KUWAIT CITY, March 9: The Court of Appeals, presided over by Judge Najeeb Al-Mulla, adjourned until March 23 the hearing on a petition filed by four persons sentenced to death for killing a 26-year-old Lebanese-Kuwaiti dentist at the Avenues Mall.The court is waiting for the investigation committee’s report on the case.  Case files indicate one of the accused admitted in his testimony that after he quarreled with the victim over a space in the parking area of the mall, he took a knife and then he confronted the dentist with the intention of killing the latter. He also attempted to stab one of the victim’s relatives who tried to intervene.

The accused told investigators that after stabbing the victim, he dumped the knife in a garbage bin, and then he went to his house in Suleibiya. He later went to a friend’s tent in Juleia without knowing that his action led to the death of the victim until he was informed by another friend that the dentist died in the hospital. This prompted him to leave the country through the Kuwait-Saudi border but he was arrested. He claimed that he attacked the victim because he was insulted and beaten by the victim in front of his friends, so he acted in self-defense. All the accused had denied charges leveled against them, saying they did not intend to kill the victim; it was just a simple fight that went out of hand.

Nude pictures: The Misdemeanor Court, presided over by Judge Abdul-Nasser Khuraebit, sentenced a woman to three years in jail with hard labor and immediate execution for posting her nude pictures on Twitter. The woman, who is unmarried, is said to have posted the indecent pictures to entice a man to commit immoral activities. The man forwarded the pictures to detectives who later arrested the woman. During interrogations, the woman admitted that she posted the photos to lure the man.

By Jaber Al-Humoud
Al-Seyassah Staff

By: Jaber Al-Humoud

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