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Panel sets regulations for Husseiniya owners on setting up tents Tents or tables valid for only 15 days from dusk of 1st day of ‘Muharram’

KUWAIT CITY, March 9: The committee formed by the Council of Ministers to study the issue of the removal of the ‘Husseiniya Ashoura’ tents has allotted regulations for owners of Husseiniyas to follow for setting up tents or tables during the eve of Ashoura festival to ease the performing of religious rituals in an organized manner, reports Al-Anba daily. According to high-level sources, the committee relied on the owners of some licensed Husseiniyas to prepare a report that was referred to the Council of Ministers. The report included rules and regulations related to the rights and obligations of the Husseiniyas’ owners.

The conditions specified in the report included the owners of licensed Husseiniyas must seek temporary license to set up tents or tables outside but close to their Husseiniyas such that it does not block the roads, the owners of Husseiniyas are prohibited from using food preparation devices outside the licensed area of the Husseiniyas, goods should not be displayed for sale and advertisements or stickers must not be placed.

Regarding the validity of such licenses, sources said the tents or tables are valid only for 15 days from the dusk of the first day of ‘Muharram’, which is the first month of the Islamic calendar, until the midnight of the 15th day of the same month. The owners of the Husseiniyas will be obliged to remove their temporarily licensed tents or tables on the 16th day. If the tents or tables are not removed, the Municipality has the right to remove them at the expense of the Husseiniya owner.

The sources revealed that these rules and regulations are actually the ones that are currently implemented in the Municipality. They explained that the Municipality stresses the need for acquiring license prior to setting up any temporary structures for religious or social purposes such as mourning tents, wedding tents, tents for electoral purposes and so on. They reiterated that the Municipality has the right to withdraw the license of any Husseiniyas that have committed certain violations in this regard repeatedly.


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