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Absconding case filed by the company

I resigned from a trading company after working for 3 years 6 months with a notice period ending on Oct 15, 2013. I got a job offer from an other company so I resigned but my current company denied me a local transfer saying they brought me from home country on their visa.

So I approached Shoon office (Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour) and filed a case. In the Shoon lower court, my release was rejected but later I again filed a case in the Shoon for a release but again my request was denied.

This result came on 21 Jan, 2014. I don’t know what to do. I don’t have any problems with my company but still I am being denied a release. Can my previous company file an absconding case against me?

Name withheld
If the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour has rejected your transfer , you have to continue working for the company unless you wish to challenge the decision of the ministry. For this purpose you will have to go to court. So in this case, the company is right to reject your request for the release and if you work for some other company, your current firm has the right to file an “absconding case” against you.

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