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KPC media campaign ‘aims’ to promote oil culture among youth Educational field visits planned

KUWAIT CITY, March 8, (KUNA): Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) announced on Saturday that it plans to launch a media campaign which aims to instill oil culture in the younger generation. The campaign will support school curricula to teach students more about the oil industry, said Managing Director for Corporate Relations and Information Technology at KPC Ali Al- Obaid in a press statement, who added that the corp. is also launching a new educational publication for the young which will be promoted to them via visits carried out by the Department of Public Relations and Media team at the Corporation.

Al-Obaid stressed that the Corporation is fully aware of the magnitude of the social responsibility placed on it as it is the main engine of the Kuwaiti economy and its business has multiple dimensions; let alone, it is an integral part of society; so KPC deemed it appropriate to take the entrepreneurial spirit by way of launching a media campaign to promote oil culture in the younger generation as they are the mainstay of the future and the cornerstone on which it is based. “In this campaign, we will launch an oil educational publication that is considered as a cultural pioneering and unique project in which the Corporation made every possible effort so as to combine in it accurate scientific material, fine literary presentation, illustrations, and interesting narration,” Al-Obaid said. “Throughout this publication, we made sure that it helps sharpen a child’s cognitive curiosity, simulate the child’s imagination in the target age group ( ages 9-13) and broaden his or her perceptions so as to understand the story of oil as energy, from it being stored in the ground and then extracted as the primary source of energy to move all aspects of modern life,” he said. Furthermore, he said that there will be educational field visits paid by the team of Public Relations and Media to the schools of Ministry of Education, which comes out of the KPC’s awareness of its responsibility for the promotion of oil culture among the young generation.

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